Top ArticlesManageWP.orgElementor Introduces Custom Fonts & Adobe Typekit Integration<img src=""><br />In Elementor, we&rsquo;ve always placed top priority on providing you with the most extensive typography flexibility, since typography plays such a key role in web design. Since day one, we offered visual control over typography settings such as font weight, line height, letter spacing and text decoration (recently added for version 1.9). Elementor also comes pre-built with 800+ different Google fonts to choose from. Sometimes, however, default Google fonts are simply not enough. Many web designers want to be able to create that extra branded and professional style, achieved only with custom fonts. Now, we bring you a new easy way to upload your own custom fonts. Simply upload your custom font formats, and see them instantly appear inside the widget typography settings. We&rsquo;ve also added a seamless integration to Typekit fonts, letting you sync and use all your Typekit fonts with a simple click. #Elementor's New Custom Font Feature is FONT-ASTIC In order to get visitors to see custom fonts in your site, the fonts must be uploaded to your site as standard file formats. There are several such font formats, each offering support for different browsers. In Elementor, we&rsquo;ve madeCaboPress 2017 & how it helped Social Web Suite<img src=""><br />An intimate business conference with the personal touches of Chris and Melissa Lema CaboPress is a yearly conference organized by Chris Lema and his lovely wife Melissa. It is always held in a five-star hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Have you ever thought&hellip; Can a business conference be both an intimate and professional at the same time? Well, CaboPress is exactly that. Last year for CaboPress 2017 both Tina, my partner in business and life, and I were blessed to be invited. There are usually about 60-70 people attending CaboPress and they are all either very successful in their business ventures or are just starting out with ideas that will disrupt the market. It is an invite-only conference and Chris personally approves each attendee in order to make sure that he has the brightest minds there. Even more importantly he wants to make sure that all people there will be a good match for each other. For example, Chris assigns the groups that will have to go to lunch together (every day). Besides having a good time together, they are also sharing their experiences and insights amongst each other and that means a lot. As this was the first year that both Tina and I were going to CaboPressHow To Use Social Web Suite to Master Your Social Media on WordPress<img src=""><br />I write about a lot of WordPress plugins and services on this site, but rarely does it work to write about one at the point that I am starting to use it myself. I have also written a lot about social. I&rsquo;ve talked about it and shared my own strategies around the scheduling of social. Through testing, I&rsquo;ve found what works and what doesn&rsquo;t and have crafted that part of my business slowly and successfully. I&rsquo;ve shared plenty about the tools I use. For scheduling, it has been CoSchedule for quite some time. In fact, since August 2015. But it&rsquo;s time for a change. Along Came Social Web Suite If you go to WordCamps, you might have experienced that feeling when you meet someone and you just know&hellip; okay, these are good people and I know they are going to become colleagues and friends of mine. Call it my intuition. But that has been the case with Tina Todorovic and Dejan Markovic from Social Web Suite. If you have met them yourself, you know what I mean. For quite some time, their new product has been in beta. They were working hard, fine-tuning it before the formal release, which happened this month. And damn, it was worth the wait. There may had been a time12 WordPress Product Owners Share Their Thoughts On Offering Better Support<img src=""><br />If you develop a WordPress product, there&rsquo;s one thing you can never escape: Customer support. It might not always be fun. And sometimes it might feel like it&rsquo;s not directly contributing to your bottom line. But&hellip; You have to do it. And because it&rsquo;s something you have to do, you should always have your head on a swivel for ways to offer better support. What&rsquo;s a better way to learn than to hear it straight from successful WordPress owners? To help you offer better support for your WordPress product, we reached out to 12 successful WordPress product owners and asked them about how to offer the best support possible for WordPress products. What 12 Successful WordPress Product Owners Say About Customer Support When deciding who to reach out to, we wanted to get a mix of product owners who make consumer-facing products, as well as product owners who target developers (of course, there&rsquo;s often an overlap between those two categories). Here&rsquo;s who we talked to: Billy Young &ndash; Beaver Builder Bryce Adams &ndash; Metorik A Trio Of Happiness Engineers &ndash; ThemeIsle Katie Keith &ndash; Barn2 Media Boaz Haimovits &ndash; Elementor Josh Kohlbach &ndash;Using Conversion Measurement to Show You Care about Website ROI<img src=""><br />Penni Stanton is one half of the two-woman website design and web marketing services company, Kabo Creative. Penni is a CIM qualified marketer turned website developer, who is just as happy manipulating CSS as she is writing conversion-based marketing content. If you design WordPress websites for a living, it is likely you are already including a list of &lsquo;essentials&rsquo; such as security features, contact form plugins, Google Analytics integration and maybe even Google My Business set up. Do you currently include contact form conversion measurement as part of this new website process? If not, you really should. When working with clients who generate leads from their websites, be that a small B2C building services company or a larger B2B service provider, it is worth helping them to understand the value of their website. Delivering something that works well, is SEO friendly and properly branded is obviously important. But what about the long term? If you include form conversion measurement as standard, you can help your client to measure the value of their website from day one. That looks great for you, helps them improve their marketing and ultimately helps them to recommendBizarro Devs - a weekly newsletter with curated WordPress stories<img src=""><br />Finally we have a reason to believe in deep learning technology. Any technology that multiplies the Nic Cage canon is a force for good. Meanwhile AI is cracking the impossible code and machine learning is helping us keep track of our fellow citizens. I guess what I want to say is React is a really good thing to have. Electric sheep - technologyFebruary 2018 WordPress News - This Month in WordPress<img src=""><br />Hi everybody, ready for some cool WordPress news? I monitored what happened in the last month and picked the most interesting stories and articles from around the web, which I hope you&rsquo;ll enjoy. In January, there was a lot of stuff going on and I had to narrow down the list a ton to end up with our usual 5-item format. So what are you going to read today? Birthday wishes for WordPress, a new security release and another one to come out very soon, a new bizarre tech-related newsletter, a toolkit that simplifies developers&rsquo; hassles with Gutenberg, users&rsquo; feedback about WordPress, plus many more interesting tutorials, guides, and tips from WordPress specialists in our community. Welcome to the February 2018 edition of &ldquo;This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.&rdquo; WordPress Turns 15 Years Old On January 25th, WordPress turned 15! Which is a lot if you look back and reflect on this from an outside perspective. It&rsquo;s been 15 years of continuous evolution in terms of technology and community. And things keep moving fast, in a consistent way: the development goes on daily and people work hard to keep the adventure alive. Let&rsquo;s wish WordPress a happy birthday,How to Create a Multilingual WordPress Gallery with Weglot and Modula<img src=""><br />This article is a guest post from Cristian, developer and owner of Modula WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin and CPOThemes. If you&rsquo;ve ever created a multilingual website, you know the pain of tracking down every single little string and making sure it&rsquo;s properly translated. One of the reasons so many people are turning to Weglot is because it makes this process, well, a lot less painful. And that got us wondering &ndash; could we use Weglot to translate all the text from Modula, our very own WordPress image gallery plugin? Modula gives users an option to add plenty of non-standard text in the form of image titles, hover captions, and filterable categories, so we were interested if Weglot was up to the job of handling all these little details. Well &ndash; spoiler &ndash; it was. And in this post, we&rsquo;re going to share exactly how you can create a multilingual WordPress image gallery using Weglot and Modula. Let&rsquo;s get started! Step 1: Create Your Gallery With Modula Before you can translate a gallery, you need to actually&hellip;have a gallery. Thankfully, Modula makes that pretty easy. To get started, you head to Modula &rarr; Add Gallery. Then you: Give it a nameThe WordPress Philosophy: What Is It and Why Should ... - Media Temple<img src=""><br />Have you ever installed a plugin into your WordPress website and thought, &ldquo;Ummm&hellip; that&rsquo;s different&rdquo;? Something about it just stood out as not quite right. The settings felt strange, or there were way too many settings, or maybe it changed parts of your site in ways you didn&rsquo;t expect. Most often this experience involves a plugin or a theme that doesn&rsquo;t do things &ldquo;The WordPress Way.&rdquo; If you&rsquo;ve ever heard that phrase, it probably sounded a bit mysterious. That&rsquo;s because while &ldquo;The WordPress Way&rdquo; does have a definition, it&rsquo;s still a bit fuzzy; it&rsquo;s not so simple to boil it down to a sentence or two. It&rsquo;s not merely about the settings interface, or where to put the menus &mdash; it&rsquo;s a whole philosophy of understanding user experience, development, and even freedom itself. This series is about the WordPress Philosophy. Yes, WordPress has an actual philosophy! This simple document will hold a lot of sway over everything that you interact with in your WordPress admin. By the end of this series, you&rsquo;ll have a stronger grasp of the WordPress Philosophy. You&rsquo;ll be empowered to make moreWordPress Gutenberg — Everything you need to get started<img src="*q6JQEwcOkXmyiPrt5Yid8w-580x290.jpg"><br />WordPress Gutenberg All the tutorials, examples and tools you need to start using Gutenberg. In 2018, WordPress aims at modernizing and simplifying the content creation experience with Gutenberg. Its name comes from Johannes Gutenberg, the founder of the printing press. This is considered to be one of the biggest changes for the WordPress user experience and the theme development workflow. What is Gutenberg? Most of us think that Gutenberg is just a new editor, but it&rsquo;s not just that. While the editor is on focus right now, the project will ultimately impact the entire publishing experience including customization. Up until now, editing a page meant tweaking its title, body and custom fields. With Gutenberg, this logic changes completely and it introduces the concept of blocks. Blocks are standalone, isolated and dynamic user interface components that are added dynamically through the wp-admin. I won&rsquo;t elaborate on this, since the following video explains everything in detail.A Guide To The Gutenberg WordPress Editor<img src=""><br />Last year, WordPress teased us with &lsquo;a new way to WordPress&rsquo;, also known as Gutenberg; a new editor due to replace the traditional publisher in Spring 2018. Gutenberg aims to revolutionise and demystify the way we publish content through WordPress, so that people of all technical abilities can build beautiful sites and blogs with ease. Gutenberg is currently available as a WordPress plugin, however, the new editor will replace the old one later this year. That&rsquo;s why we&rsquo;ve put together this handy introductory guide, to help you (and us!) get to know Gutenberg and its fantastic new features. Content blocks Current WordPress Editor New WordPress Editor &ndash; (Codename Gutenberg) Content blocks are one of the biggest changes introduced in the new Gutenberg editor, and they make editing and adding different mediums of content a whole lot easier! The image above shows the content split into 3 blocks, and each of these individual blocks can be formatted independently. For example, block 1 is in H2 formatting, block 2 is in bullet points and the text in block 3 is aligned to the right. As well as this, blocks can be copied, pasted, and moved around to different pointsWordPress Gutenberg Guide: How to Build Your Next Site With It<img src=""><br />Instead, this post recognizes the inevitability of Gutenberg and aims to provide you with a comprehensive resource on how to use the WordPress Gutenberg editor on your site so that you can continue to churn out awesome content when Gutenberg goes public. Whether this is the first time you&rsquo;re hearing about the WordPress Gutenberg editor or you&rsquo;re already somewhat familiar with it, this post will help you learn how you can use the new editor to build layouts for your WordPress content. As a quick refresher, here&rsquo;s what the WordPress TinyMCE editor looks like: And here&rsquo;s what things look like in the new WordPress Gutenberg editor: It&rsquo;s more than an aesthetic update, though. Gutenberg is going to completely change the editing experience by moving to a block-based approach to content (more on exactly what blocks are in a second!). While the current focus is on content creation, the eventual goal is to have Gutenberg &ldquo;go beyond the post into page templates and ultimately, full site customization.&rdquo; That means eventually you&rsquo;ll be able to build your whole site using Gutenberg, including landing pages and other important content. When will GutenbergElementor Introduces a New Call To Action Widget<img src=""><br />The Call to Action (CTA) widget grabs your visitors&rsquo; attention and motivates them to interact and take action. Start by designing stylish box layouts that combine image, content and button. Then, bring those layouts to life with interactions and effects. Combine hover animations, overlay blend modes and advanced filters to create truly spectacular sections. The CTA box includes a Cover skin, which sets an image element as the background, arranging the content elements on top. Whether it&rsquo;s for your homepage, features, about or portfolio page, you can make sure your site sets a lasting impression on your visitors. That extra layer of interaction will make your entire website look spectacular. Until now, reaching these effects required lots of custom CSS and coding. Now you can reach the same results in minutes. Looking for a way to showcase your projects, products or services? Look no further. This widget is perfect for bringing focus to your content. By adding a noticeable ribbon, you can make sure you draw the right attention at the point of sale to generate more conversions. With its advanced image &amp; content customization options, there really is no limit to what youNew Policy Changes in WordPress Plugin Directory – GenerateWP<img src=""><br />If you are a plugin developer, then you should know that the Plugin Directory had a recent policy change regarding the notice displayed for old / un-updated plugins. Instead of a time-based warning, it is now a version-based warning. Old WordPress Plugins WordPress Plugin Directory has several mechanisms to ensure compatibility with newer WordPress versions and to encourage developers to upgrade and maintain their plugins. Old plugins are excluded from search results &mdash; this way only plugins that have been updated recently get displayed and promoted in the Plugin Directory. In addition, when navigating directly to a plugin page, there is a notice saying that the plugin hasn&rsquo;t been updated for a while and it may no longer be maintained or supported. This way the user can choose whether to use the plugin at his risk or try to find better alternatives. From a plugin developer&rsquo;s point-of-view, the plugin needs to be maintained and updated constantly and regularly to be presented on the Plugin Directory. Otherwise, the plugin will be displayed with a warning and excluded from the search results. Policy Change &mdash; Time-Based Notice vs. Version-Based Notice In the oldGeoDirectory Translation in 2018<img src=""><br />Join the GeoDirectory translation team to translate GeoDirectory into 20+ languages in 2018! Read on to learn about how you can join our awesome language team that translates GeoDirectory using our cool new Translator&rsquo;s Handbook. Calling All GeoDirectory #polyglots ! Hello, my name is Ismi Aini, and I do UX including translations. I&rsquo;m here to support members who want to translate GeoDirectory into their own language. I can help you find your translation team and get your request for validation filled out correctly. In this post I also want to introduce our new Translator&rsquo;s Handbook where we keep all the resources you might need. Our goal is to help you translate GeoDirectory into 20+ languages this year! Who Translates GeoDirectory? Everyone! In 2017 WordPress translations changed completely. First there was a change to the location of translation files, and now the responsibility for who creates the translations has changed, too. Instead of plugin authors, it is now all of us, the plugin users and site managers and everyone together who are responsible for translating plugins into our own language. It&rsquo;s a big job, but luckily both and AyeCode are12 of the Best Tech Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2018<img src=""><br />Searching for the best tech newsletters to subscribe to in 2018? The pace of technological development can make it very hard to stay up to date (as well as time-consuming). Throw in the tremendous amounts of great content produced every day, and you can really struggle to keep abreast of everything. That&rsquo;s why the curated newsletter is making a comeback and is so popular now! The concept itself is pretty simple &ndash; curated newsletters are just emails that contain a selection of popular, interesting or noteworthy content. Many of the best tech newsletters out there will help you separate the wheat from the chaff while also saving you some precious hours (immediately cutting down your search and scan time). With that in mind, we have compiled the following list of the 11 best tech newsletters (and web culture newsletters) around. The topics covered in them range from A.I., to the death of blogging (again!). Some of the newsletters provide roundups, whereas others go in-depth on particular subjects. One notable example even takes you outside the Valley bubble to see what is happening in tech in less represented areas of the globe. Let&rsquo;s check them out (no particular order):Elementor's 2017 In Review<img src=""><br />2017 has been an amazing year. Looking back, it is impressive to see just how many features we managed to release in a single year. For us, each new feature is not just another shiny coat of paint. Each feature represents a new way of creation, and hundreds of hours of planning and development behind the scenes. We are proud of every single feature, but especially proud of how they all combine to deliver the full design experience of Elementor. Browse through the months to see just how we evolved over the past 12 months If you managed to scroll this far, you can already guess our underlying foundation behind each of these features: 'Design better. Design faster.' We plan to keep the increase our already fast dedicated pace for 2018, delivering new innovative solutions that will make your work creative play more remarkable and funWho and What I'll Be Following in 2018 - Matt Cromwell<img src=""><br />2018 will be a big year for WordPress. Here's my list of top topics and people to be following in 2018 to stay in the know and some of the most influential things happening in WordPress this year. You might see a lot of lists like this cropping up at the beginning of every new year. A list of &ldquo;WordPress celebrities&rdquo; that you should follow. Often, articles like this are just long lists of twitter profiles that are reshuffled and recycled year over year. Why should you follow these people? No one knows! They&rsquo;re just the people to follow. This is not one of those lists. This is my list. These are things and people that I&rsquo;m personally interested in. This is a list of topics that I believe will be extremely influential in the WordPress space in 2018. Within each topic, I list the people and/or companies that I believe will have strong contributions to that topic. In my WordCamp and conference travels and daily conversations with WordPress professionals, these are the folks that come up again and again as doing awesome work worth following. So if you&rsquo;re interested in WordPress like I am, here&rsquo;s who to follow and why you should in 2018. Gutenberg By everyHow to increase Profits & Sales with a WordPress Website<img src=""><br />dDo you run a business with a WordPress website? Or maybe you are just starting out with your business, and know that you need a website to stay relevant in today&rsquo;s world. Either way, a website is only going to help your business. A website can help by simply being an online billboard, or it can be the whole platform your business is based off (i.e e-commerce). No matter what direction you go in, it is important to know that a website is just half the battle of increasing profits &amp; sales. Don&rsquo;t overspend on the WordPress Website WordPress websites can range in price depending who you decide to help you build your site, and more importantly what you need your website to do for your business. If you are just getting started and your have a basic business or brick &amp; mortar, a website doesn&rsquo;t need to do much, so you can expect to spend in around the $2,000 range for a decent, well built and thoughtful website. This will not include content, but any good consultant will at least help you with ideas and how to put in your content. If you are looking to build something more custom, because you need it for your customers, or perhaps an e-commerce store with WooCommerce,Episode 84 - Million Dollar Corruption in WordPress<img src=""><br />This turbulent second half of the the Dumitru Brinzan interview revolves around his controversial blog post Inside Theme Review Team: Money, Abuse and Inconsistent Leadership. Donnacha and Dumitru discuss the series of events that led him to be the first member of the Theme Review Team to publicly call out the corruption that makes WordPress worse for users but, conveniently, hands a million dollar business advantage to leading volunteers. We talk about how Dumitru&rsquo;s background, growing up in Eastern Europe before the fall of communism, imprinted upon him the urgent importance of not allowing corruption to slide, especially in slow-moving, bureaucratic, cult-of-personality situations. For anyone involved in WordPress, this interview is worth listening to precisely because it is so rare to ever hear an insider talk openly about the very real problems that are festering behind the apparent blockbuster success of WordPress. Dumitru Brinzan: @dumitru @hermesthemes Donnacha: @WordSkill Mullenweg's Q&A About Gutenberg at WordPress Orlando Recap<img src=""><br />This evening Matt Mullenweg, Founder, and CEO of Automattic, Inc, attended the Orlando WordPress Meetup this evening to do an open floor Q&amp;A much like a TownHall meeting. There was a lot of discussion about various topics, however, the center of it very much revolved around the new Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 Release. The audience engaging in questions consisted of users, developers, agency owners, and the like so the questions were from various angles. The following is a general recap of the questions that were asked throughout the meeting. Gutenberg &amp; WordPress 5.0 How should Agency Owners prepare for the Future Update? There are a lot of agencies worried about what will happen to their client&rsquo;s sites with this next major update rolling out. It was nice to hear from Matt that they have created a Classic Editor Plugin that will allow you to temporarily &ldquo;Opt-Out&rdquo; of the new Gutenberg interface. The Classic Editor plugin will allow all non-Gutenberg updates to remain in place after the update to 5.0 but will turn off solely the Gutenberg functionality. This will allow for the time to properly test plugin compatibility, complete the learning curve and review helpGetting Ready For Gutenberg - Helping developers prepare for it<img src=""><br />What is Getting Ready for Gutenberg? Getting Ready for Gutenberg is an initiative to help the WordPress community prepare for launch of Gutenberg. While Gutenberg aims to revolutionise the publishing in WordPress ecosystem, this ecosystem is not complete without the plugins and themes that extend the capabilities of WordPress. There are many theme and plugin shops who have in-house teams or outsourced vendors who will do the heavy lifting of converting their theme/plugin code to work with Gutenberg. But there are many shops, developers who do not have teams to help them with this task. There are many plugins that are not updated and are dormant since quite sometime but are installed and active on hundreds of WordPress sites. Getting Ready for Gutenberg is an effort to bring the big happy family of WordPress developers and designers together to help these people to help prepare their code, themes, plugins for Gutenberg. Who Getting Ready for Gutenberg is meant for? Your theme/plugin is listed on official WordPress directory The theme/plugin is more than 6 months old You have atleast 500 active installs Starting Thursday, Dec. 14th, 2017, you can apply to get help for your themes/plugins.How to Create Reliable WordPress Backups: The Ultimate Guide<img src=""><br />No DescriptionWhy do I need to pay for maintenance of my business website?<img src=""><br />A lot of small business owners think that building a business website is the end of our story together. However the Internet is not the field of dreams, and software is constantly evolving. So we get the question a lot when offering our small business bundle to a new client, Why do we even need business website maintenance? Business Website Security One of the most important things you can do for your business is to have an identity, and to hold onto that identity without letting someone else tarnish it. That isn&rsquo;t a website or Internet thing, that is just business reputation. You want to make sure that your are appealing to your clients with your image and that image does not change unless you need it to. The problem is that the Internet is unfortunately a place where many hackers and other things (like bots) thrive, and they don&rsquo;t care about your brand identity. Part of any good website maintenance plan whether through us or someone like WP Site Care is that security of your site is top priority. While hacks occur from time to time, it is about making sure it is not easy to hack into your business website, and that when it does happen, it is fixed as soon as possible.