Top ArticlesManageWP.orgBlack Friday + Cyber Monday 2019 is Coming! Are You Ready?<img src=""><br />Black Friday is almost here and we&rsquo;re getting ready at Freemius! Is it the best day of the year? It definitely could be if you have your marketing strategy planned properly! We have experience working with our plugin and theme selling partners over the years and analyzing many BFCM promotions, which puts us in a great position to talk about what strategies work better than others across a network of hundreds of WordPress products. Even though you may have had successful Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales in the past, it&rsquo;s important to refresh your strategies every year, stay up to date on what major industry players are doing, and optimize the promotions that work best for your business. So, let&rsquo;s plug into the latest updates about BFCM! '' 7 Actionable Tips &amp; Tricks for Optimizing Your 2019 BFCM Sales This year, I&rsquo;m seeing more and more plugin and theme businesses applying promotional strategies that are used by professional marketers and known to maximize sales. With this increased competition during Black Friday, differentiating your promotion has become more important than ever. 1. Limiting the # of coupon redemptions While adding something like a countdownGet the 411 on WordCamp Contributor Day<img src=""><br />My first WordCamp Contributor Day experience was at WordCamp US (WCUS) 2018. I had no clue what to expect, or if I even had any right to be there. I&rsquo;ve since learned this is a common feeling among first-timers. I showed up anyway, had a great time working with the Community Team, and somehow ended up being the co-organizer for the next WordCamp Contributor Day at WCUS 2019! WCUS&rsquo; Contributor Day was held on the third day of this national WordPress conference, which took place in St. Louis, Missouri this year. In an effort to recruit more people to participate in WordCamp Contributor Day, we worked hard on education and awareness. This included publishing blog posts about the different teams and running workshops, which took place on the first two days of WCUS. These workshops were designed to demystify Contributor Day. You can watch videos from the workshops at We even had buttons made that say, &ldquo;I make WordPress. Ask me how,&rdquo; which experienced contributors wore throughout the weekend. Want to know more about Contributing to #WordPress @WordCampUS ? Ask anyone wearing this button. #WCUS &mdash; WordCamp US (@WordCampUS)WordPress Maintenance 101 (Bonus: 19+ WordPress Support Services You Can Hire)<img src=""><br />Creating a WordPress site isn&rsquo;t enough. You also need to pay attention to some good ol&rsquo; WordPress maintenance. When you&rsquo;ve put lots of time into creating your site, it can be disheartening to think that the work isn&rsquo;t over. In fact, it&rsquo;s only just begun. But it doesn&rsquo;t have to be a burden. In this post, I&rsquo;ll go through some WordPress maintenance best practices and give you some tips to make it more effective. I&rsquo;ll also include a guide to paying someone else to do it and review some of the best providers of WordPress support services. Putting Your WordPress Site into Maintenance Mode Plenty of the work you do to maintain your WordPress site won&rsquo;t involve putting it in maintenance mode, but sometimes you&rsquo;ll need to do this&mdash;so it pays to know what it means. When your site is in maintenance mode, it means that you&rsquo;re telling visitors and search engines that it&rsquo;s currently unavailable, but that unavailability is planned and temporary (i.e. your site hasn&rsquo;t gone down). When you update WordPress, or you update a theme or plugin, WordPress will automatically go into maintenance mode (stuck in maintenance mode?How to Add a WordPress Language Switcher to Your Website<img src=""><br />No matter what kind of site you have, the easiest way to let visitors view your content in their preferred language is with a WordPress language switcher. In a nutshell, language switchers can be text, a button, or a dropdown on a page that users can click (or tap) to translate the content into another language. Generally, you&rsquo;ll find WordPress language switchers in the header, footer, or navigation. It doesn&rsquo;t matter what form your language switcher takes, the important thing is giving visitors a convenient way to switch to their preferred language. It&rsquo;s essential for improving the overall user experience of any multilingual website. In this tutorial, we&rsquo;ll take a look at some examples of language switchers on popular websites and cover how you can add one to your site with TranslatePress. Let&rsquo;s get started. 5 Examples of WordPress Websites with Language Switchers Language switchers can take many forms, from language codes and flags to dropdowns and localized text. Let&rsquo;s take a look at a variety of real-world examples of language switchers. 1. The official site displays a prominent green text box in the middle of the homepageWordPress Plugin Development Best Practices: Template Files<img src=""><br />When we talk about templates in WordPress we are normally referring to page template files in the theme. However, there are plugins that use template files to display content, and that becomes another consideration when it comes to building WordPress themes. Can you override plugin template files? If so, how? If you are building a plugin that renders HTML, how can you make it easily altered by themes? In this article I&rsquo;ll answer these questions. What Are Templates? The WordPress templating system is one of the most important pillars of the WordPress architecture. Template files are &ldquo;PHP files that contain a mixture of HTML, Template Tags, and PHP code.&rdquo; Template files are loaded in a specific manner, governed by the WordPress template hierarchy. Specific template files are looked for in the theme, and fallbacks are used if they don&rsquo;t exist. For example, a car listing site has registered a custom post type of &lsquo;car&rsquo;. When a user visits a page on the site for a specific car, WordPress will look in the theme for a template file called single-car.php. If it doesn&rsquo;t exist, it will fallback to the single.php template for displaying generic posts. ABest WordPress themes for a multilingual business site<img src=""><br />One of the first steps after choosing WordPress as your CMS platform of choice is to select a theme fit for promoting your business. And, if you&rsquo;re an internationally minded business owner or entrepreneur, then we&rsquo;re guessing that at some point your goal is to reach new audiences. With this in mind, you&rsquo;ll want to look for a WordPress theme provider that works perfectly for creating a multilingual WordPress site. You&rsquo;d be right in thinking website translation is no longer an option, it&rsquo;s a must have if you&rsquo;re looking to do business with other countries. Or maybe you do business in a country that speaks more than one language? Or, perhaps you don&rsquo;t realize you&rsquo;re doing business in a country with more than one language. Surprise fact alert&hellip;if you work within the US and think the English language is your only target market, you might be interested to learn that it&rsquo;s the world&rsquo;s second-largest Spanish-speaking country, following only Mexico. So, as we move towards a world that&rsquo;s becoming ever connected, where the countries we do business in are not only multilingual speaking, but the demand for purchasing productsEp 15: Morten Rand-Hendriksen. On ethics in design & technology and the case for WordPress governance<img src=""><br />Morten Rand-Hendriksen has made it his mission to help people understand and get the most out of the web, and contribute to the debates about ownership and democratization of information, design philosophy, and the open web. His 60+ published courses on WordPress, front end web design and development, and web standards on LinkedIn Learning have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers from all over the world. In this conversation Sean interviews Morten on the ethics of Open Source, our responsibility to the greater tech design community for having a seat at the table for conversations in government which have implications for WordPress and Open Source in general. Also covered: Morten shares a swing dancing catastrophic dance move, what he&rsquo;s advocating for in the WordPress community and beyond and some of his favorite musical and literary influences. Enjoy!Two-factor authentication & WordPress passwords - Defence in Depth<img src=""><br />Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an important part of maintaining the security of a WordPress site. However, 2FA alone isn&rsquo;t enough to harden your WordPress site authentication. Strong passwords are also an important part, even when using two-factor authentication. In this article we review 2FA, explain how hackers are bypassing it in some cases, and provide tips for using strong passwords on your WordPress website to compliment 2FA. Two-factor authentication explained Two-factor authentication is a way to authenticate to a system using a combination of two different factors. Generally, there are three different &ldquo;factors&rdquo; that may be used for 2FA. These factors are something you: Know&ndash; PINs (Personal Identification Numbers), passwords, and answers to security questions fall into this category. Have&ndash; Mobile phones, smart cards, physical tokens, and bank cards fit in this group. Are&ndash; Biometrics such as fingerprints, retina scans, facial recognition, and voice recognition are in this category. These different categories should give you an idea of the benefits of two-factor authentication. Hackers will have a tougher time compromising two these factorsGoogle Site Kit is Now Available for All WordPress Sites<img src=""><br />Today, we&rsquo;re announcing that Site Kit is available for everyone to install from the WordPress plugin directory. Site Kit is Google&rsquo;s official WordPress plugin &ndash; it enables you to setup and configure key Google services, get insights on how people find and use your site, learn how to improve, and easily monetize your content. At WordCamp EU in Berlin in June 2019, we released Site Kit as a developer preview. Thanks to the thousands of developers who installed it and provided valuable feedback over the past 6 months on GitHub! We&rsquo;ve drastically simplified the setup flow, fixed lots of bugs, and polished the main user flows. Who is Site Kit for? Site Kit makes it easy for WordPress site owners to understand how their site is doing and what to do next. As a WordPress site owner, Site Kit offers you: Convenient and easy access to relevant stats directly in your WordPress dashboard. We save you time &mdash; see the key information right when you sign in. Cross-product insights &mdash; Google Search Console, Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, AdSense &mdash; are combined into a single, intuitive dashboard. We help you make informed decisions, quickly. No source codeUltimate Guide to Creating Redirects in WordPress<img src=""><br />Changing the URL of an existing page on your WordPress site without creating redirects could hurt the website&rsquo;s user experience and your digital presence, regardless of your many good reasons for doing so. Let&rsquo;s say you have a page with a URL, and for the sake of changing your site&rsquo;s structure, you renamed the URL to, which could also improve the page&rsquo;s SEO. Though the new structure makes a lot of sense to you and of course, in keywords search, you have successfully denied old users access to the page and possibly new visitors if Google had indexed the page. Google has no means of knowing that the page has been moved into the foot-wears folder by itself. Hence, it will continue to show visitors the old URL. Similarly, the page&rsquo;s old users who had bookmarked the URL would also be directed to a dead-end (404 error page) when they try to access your ballet-shoes page through the old link. This is why you need to implement redirects as a means of communicating the moved page&rsquo;s new location without denying anyone access to them. However, the example above is not the only scenario thatIncrease User Engagement on Your Website (10 Steps to Drive Traffic)<img src=""><br />The potential for success for your website depends on the number of visitors you can attract to it, daily. Yet, you find that there is a lot of competition in the online space, and you must find a way to stand out. Here are a few ideas that help you increase user engagement. Those on the online platform will look for ways to ensure that their websites remain the most relevant. You can therefore not afford to be complacent on the online space. You also have to contend with the fact that the attention span of the online user is very small. There is so much content that they can interact with, that it can be challenging to attract and keep them on your website. You, however, need to find a way to engage with your visitors. It is especially critical if you use your online platform for e-commerce purposes. You need people to see and interact with the products so that you convert the visitors into customers. Anytime a visitor does not spend sufficient time on your website; you lose the chance to make a sale. It also doesn&rsquo;t help if they spend time on your site, but do not take action you desire. You must, therefore, find a way of engaging with your online visitors so that you can achieveHow to Automatically Translate WordPress Site (fast and with minimal costs)<img src=""><br />Creating a multilingual WordPress site is a pretty laborious task. You first need to figure out what languages you want your site to be available in, then find the best translation plugin for your project. Only after this you&rsquo;ll get to the part where you actually translate your site content. This process is probably the most time consuming of all the above. Automatically translating your WordPress site is a excellent way to speed up the translation process and use automatic translations as a starting point for your multilingual content. You can have everything translated in minutes, not days or weeks. In this tutorial we&rsquo;ll go through how to automatically translate WordPress sites fast and with minimal costs by using TranslatePress. TranslatePress offers both automatic and manual translations. What sets TranslatePress apart from other multilingual solutions is that you can to translate all your site content directly from the front-end, by using a visual translation interface. Let&rsquo;s get started&hellip; Why you should Automatically Translate WordPress Site Translating your WordPress site automatically is an excellent choice that will allow you to go multilingual, whileFive eCommerce Tools to Convert Site's Visitors into Customers<img src=""><br />For an online business owner, the real struggle starts when the online store is unable to generate the expected revenue. This happens when the large (and growing) number of visitors do not convert into paying customers. This is a cause of concern for store management because it points to serious and deeper issues within store operations. You may have an excellent marketing strategy in place and amazing content on your website, but all this is not enough when it comes to converting the visitors. Successful online store owners optimize their eCommerce websites for capturing maximum data from multiple channels. Next, they analyze it for useful insights about their sales funnels, onsite user behavior, and website performance. Today, I will discuss the top five eCommerce tools that can help store owners understand user behavior their websites and come up with new ways of converting site visitors into paying customers. 1. Google Analytics Over 50 million websites use Google Analytics. Ask any expert, and they will tell you that It is a must-have tool if you are running a serious online business. This tool gives detailed information about the website&rsquo;s traffic and user journey on theBlack Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2019<img src=""><br />There is a reason why Black Friday is called &bdquo;black&ldquo;, and it is not because of the black-eye that lady gave you when you elbowed her to get to that LG microwave last year. Contrary to popular opinion widespread by SJWs and soy-boys, it is also NOT because slave traders gave discounts at their godforsaken auctions on the day after Thanksgiving. No Siree Bob, someone was just evil and deranged enough to create that meme couple of years ago, but just because it&rsquo;s out there, doesn&rsquo;t mean it&rsquo;s true. Black Friday actually got its name back in 1966, when the Philadelphia Police Department used it to describe the awful traffic jams and crowds in the downtown stores. So, what you now know as one whole day of crazy-low prices and angry shopping, was pretty much always just that &ndash; one whole day of crazy low prices and crazy shopping. However, it&rsquo;s not as innocently crazy as it seems. Would you believe us if we told you that there is actually a website that only follows death and injury counts on Black Friday? Well there is, and current count stands at 12 for Black Friday deaths, and 117 for Black Friday injuries for the period from 2006 to 2008. Pshish!Joshua Strebel Interview - CEO of Pagely and WordPress Innovator<img src=""><br />Hey guys, did you miss our interviews? If you did, we are back with another piece featuring the CEO of Pagely, mister Joshua Strebel. Just like every entrepreneur, he&rsquo;s a busy man, but we finally managed to make him answer a few curiosities we had about his business and approach to life. Before getting to today&rsquo;s topic, let&rsquo;s recap our last discussion with Jack Lenox from Automattic/WordPress VIP. If you want to hear more about web sustainability and energy-efficient websites, check out the video from #WCEU together with its transcript here. But this is Joshua&rsquo;s interview, so let&rsquo;s get to know him better. If you&rsquo;ve been part of the WordPress community for some time now, you&rsquo;ve probably heard about Pagely before. What probably only a few know is that Pagely was the first company to launch a managed WordPress hosting service. So he&rsquo;s one of the guys to thank for bringing innovation in WordPress. Joshua has been the leading brain behind this business for around 13 years now, together with his longtime wife, Sally. He is the man good at everything in his company, a WordCamp speaker, and who believes integrity is what keeps a team united. AndIntegrating Advanced Custom Fields + Gutenberg Into wd_s<img src=""><br />With version 5.8 of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), a new way to build Gutenberg blocks was introduced. The mission statement of ACF with this pivotal update was to: &hellip;radically change the perception of block development in Gutenberg by reducing learning time, hurdles, environment setup and JavaScript knowledge to an absolute minimum. They have done exactly that. For quite some time now, our wd_s starter theme has been powered in part by Advanced Custom Fields. Using the Flexible Content Field, we were able to create a page builder-esque experience for users. This experience lived on the backend when editing posts and pages. We didn&rsquo;t set out to create a full-on page builder or content builder like the ones we&rsquo;ve used in the past. We simply understood the need for users to have full control over their content, the placement of that content, and the overall structure of their posts and pages. And it worked! It worked for a long time. In fact, it still works beautifully. With the advent of WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg became the hot topic when discussing the CMS. Some absolutely loved the new experience while others reviled it for myriad reasons, such as it felt rushed, itHow to Have a $100k+ WordPress Product Launch<img src=""><br />Have you ever heard of a WordPress plugin (or theme) that made over $100,000 in its first 30 days after launch? After spending hours Googling for successful plugins in the WordPress space that we could learn from, I couldn&rsquo;t find any. As a big believer in transparency and knowledge sharing, I promised myself that if we met our goal of making $100k+ during our launch, I would share everything that we learned so other plugin and theme developers would be able to replicate the &ldquo;recipe&rdquo; we used to bootstrap our business. Spoiler alert &ndash; we ended up making over $100,000 during the launchDebunking 3 Project Management Myths<img src=""><br />Have you ever heard any project management myths? Have you encountered them yourself? By the end of this article, the goal is to help debunk some common project management myths and help share some helpful knowledge along the way. Wikipedia describes project management as: &hellip;the practice of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints. While every project is unique and has its own special characteristics, the project management team at WebDevStudios follows this project life cycle to meet the desired deliverables. The goal is to exceed our client&rsquo;s expectations. Anyone can manage a project, but in order to effectively project manage, it requires an infusion of effective communication skills, strong leadership skills, a scoop of curiosity, a blend of interpersonal skills and some organizational magic to be successful. Let&rsquo;s get to debunking common project management myths now. Myth #1: The role of a project manager is just to create documentation.New ACF PRO Pricing for 2020<img src=""><br />It&rsquo;s been a while since we last reviewed our pricing. In fact, you could argue we never have! Our premium plugin journey began back in 2011 with the release of the Repeater field &ndash; our claim to fame, so to speak. Priced reasonably for the time, the Repeater field sold well and paved the way for another three add-ons to be developed; Options Page, Flexible Content field and Gallery field. In 2015, we streamlined our product offering by combining those four premium Add-ons into a single professional plugin; ACF PRO. We used a similar approach in pricing, adding together the cost of each individual feature for the &ldquo;unlimited&rdquo; license. That same price still stands today &ndash; $100 AUD (a one-time purchase) &ndash; even with the additions of new groundbreaking features such as ACF Blocks. It&rsquo;s safe to say that pricing has never been at the forefront of our roadmap. Instead, we have stayed focused on more exciting things like developing new features, fixing bugs, and helping our users. But with an ever-growing user base, our &ldquo;classic&rdquo; pricing model is no longer helping our cause &ndash; to Build anything with WordPress. In light of this, we areHow to Build a WordPress Business Directory Using Avada and GeoDirectory<img src=""><br />These days, most people won&rsquo;t set foot in a store or an office without looking it up online beforehand. With online directories, such as Google Maps, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, you can learn everything you need to know about any business right from your phone. Online business directories might seem complicated at first; however, at the core, they all require a common framework and functionality to deliver marketable information. You should be able to share business locations, reviews, photos, prices, and any other vital information with your audience. And with the right WordPress theme, plugin, and approach, you can set up your online business directory as a marketing and public service powerhouse. In this article, we&rsquo;ll talk about why starting your own business directory is a lot easier than you may think. We&rsquo;ll discuss what features every great directory needs, and teach you how to pull it off using the Avada WordPress theme and the GeoDirectory plugin. Let&rsquo;s get started! At their core, business directories are all about listings. You gather the relevant information about a business, add it to your directory list, and that&rsquo;s about it: In practice, however,Matt Mullenweg's State of the Word, 2019 • Post Status<img src=""><br />Matt Mullenweg just completed the 2019 State of the Word, where he offered a comprehensive overview of the last year of all things WordPress. WordCamp US 2019 completes its first year in St. Louis, Missouri, where more than 1,300 WordPress community members and leaders are gathered. It&rsquo;s been the year of Gutenberg in 2019, and in this State of the Word, Matt highlights what has been accomplished, and what comes next. Matt kicks off the event with the premiere of Open: The Community Code, a film about the open source WordPress community. Open was really well done, and makes a great intro for this year in review. In the film, Matt said that $10 billion flow through the WordPress economy per year. Yet, it&rsquo;s just one of the things that make the WordPress community. WordPress is more than code, more than business. Matt said, &ldquo;it&rsquo;s more than a tool,&rdquo; and that it&rsquo;s more like a canvas that, &ldquo;anyone can paint on.&rdquo; Open is a film about WordPress, and what WordPress really is &mdash; not only software, but people, a community, and a mission. Open is, &ldquo;is a documentary short created by Producer Andrew Rodriguez and Director Sean Korbitz. ​ExecutiveWhat's File Integrity Monitoring? (+ Why You Need to Know More About It)<img src=""><br />A default and up-to-date WordPress installation with a strong password is quite secure. However, to survive on the internet that is not enough. That&rsquo;s where File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) comes into play. A File Integrity Monitoring tool or plugin monitors your site&rsquo;s files and alerts you for any changes like file uploads, edits, removals, and so on. File integrity monitoring helps you stay ahead of security breaches and identify errors that could leave your website exposed to hack attacks. In this post, we&rsquo;ll provide you with a thorough introduction to file integrity monitoring and explain how it can improve your site&rsquo;s security. We&rsquo;ll also share a few different tools and plugins you can use to implement this security solution on your WordPress site. Let&rsquo;s get started! An Introduction to File Integrity Monitoring When it comes to protecting and maintaining infrastructures such as websites and servers, File Integrity Monitoring is key. This solution validates the integrity of a given environment, namely, it checks to see whether the contents of your site&rsquo;s files have changed unexpectedly. You can use File Integrity Monitoring to detect fileThe Website Triangle: Web Design, The Designer, And Client<img src=""><br />The story of web design is nothing less than a fairytale where the damsel in distress &lsquo;client&rsquo; wants their design to be created and saved by the &lsquo;designer&rsquo; knight in the shining armor. The tale is as old as the internet itself, where the relationship between the client and the designer is still the hot potato that keeps revolving inside the web design sphere. Can you make the logo a bit bigger? Mind change the color scheme and the font to the one I gave you? Add images of KITTENS. Web designers can recall the moments they&rsquo;ve heard the same or similar demands from their clients. Because of the difference in their perceptions, it seems like both of them belong to different planets. The designer is the expert and might suggest better ways to make the client&rsquo;s site a success, but stress and pressure lingers everywhere, distorting the relationship he needs to build with the client. On the other side, the client has to undergo frustration as well. He wants a website that looks the way he wants while making the impact and keeping the costs within his budget. Since the client lacks most of the technical knowledge in the background, the chances to skim downIs WordCamp Dying…or Not? Valuable Takeaways from WCUS 2019 in St. Louis<img src=""><br />This WordCamp, I heard some pretty tough feedback from other attendees, especially from veteran campers that have been attending WordCamps for years. In particular, I heard that the venue was too spread out because it was so big, the speaking rooms and events felt &ldquo;disconnected&rdquo; from each other because you had to travel far to get to them (within the massive conference center and to external events), and quite a few people commented that it was &ldquo;more of the same old thing&rdquo;. This is some pretty harsh criticism of an event that is supposed to bring people together and normally be pretty fun&hellip; I&rsquo;m always someone to take things pretty lightly, so I felt like my opinion was in the middle of all this feedback. I thought the St. Louis City Museum was a pretty whacky place for everyone to go for the after-party &ndash; in a good way (even though it was out of the way). Also, comparing it to the experience I had in WordCamp EU earlier this year in Berlin, the energy of the event was a bit more &ldquo;sleepy&rdquo;. Did anyone else feel that way too? Overall, I had a great time, but I think it&rsquo;s still worth asking: Is WordCamp Dying? Maybe it was the