Top ArticlesManageWP.orgSuccessfully Leading a Remote Work Team<img src=""><br />Here at WebDevStudios (WDS), we are passionate about WordPress, the success of our clients, and remote work. Being a completely distributed company, we have the opportunity to hire the best of the best regardless of location because we work from home. While distributed employees are the future, a company has to be open to new policies, processes and tools in order to make the effort successful. Below is my advice for leading a remote work team and maintaining effective productivity throughout the workweek from home. In a corporate office, far, far away&hellip; Cubicles debuted in corporate offices during the 1960s and are now present in every high rise office across the world. I worked in a cubicle right out of college then moved to a nice corner office until about six years ago when I started at WDS. Working remotely was completely new to me, but I quickly fell in love with this way of working. Now, I don&rsquo;t think I could ever go back to a cubicle. Is it time for companies to change their thinking about how teams can work effectively and still be productive? The answer is yes! Our corporate world has had the ability to work from outside of an office for a few decades, yet workingHow to Get the Actual Number of Active Installs of Your Plugin<img src=""><br />In the WordPress Plugin Directory, plugins have an Active Install metric, but it isn&rsquo;t anywhere near accurate. It only shows a heavily rounded value and not the actual number, values like 10+, 500+, 10,000+ active installs. I&rsquo;ll show you how to get the actual number of active installs of your WordPress plugin using some investigation and a simple spreadsheet. Why Do You Need to Know the Active Install Count? As a WordPress plugin developer and business owner with a Freemium product, one of my goals is to have my plugin be used by a lot of people. The more people that use my product, the more people who can convert into paying customers. I&rsquo;d like to think that all the marketing and feature updates we do would get more people on board with our plugin. However, I won&rsquo;t know whether what we&rsquo;re doing has an impact if we can&rsquo;t find out how many people are actually using my plugin. If you have your plugin hosted in the WordPress Plugin Directory, then you&rsquo;re at their mercy when it comes to data gathering. In the Plugin Directory, there&rsquo;s no Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or any data tracking that you can add or you can access. The only thingsHow to Make Money on Fiverr: Exact Steps I Took to Make $2-3k / Month<img src=""><br />How to make money on Fiverr &ndash; how I make $2,000-$3,000 each month I&rsquo;ve been on Fiverr since June 2015. I honestly wouldn&rsquo;t have even considered it if not for the guidance of my mentor and first big client when I started freelancing full-time. He&rsquo;d been using it to sell social media management packages that he eventually converted to long-term client relationships. With 4.5 years on the platform, I&rsquo;ve seen Fiverr grow from having a bad reputation that stemmed from making every order start at $5, to a diverse marketplace of talented individuals who have learned how to make money on Fiverr by charging according to their skills and experience. Between June 2015 and the date of this article&rsquo;s publication, there&rsquo;s been some variance in terms of how much work I&rsquo;ve actually done through the platform. But I never left completely or went on an extended break, always maintaining a consistent presence. It&rsquo;s this consistency that&rsquo;s helped me move up from one seller level to another. I&rsquo;m both a &ldquo;Top Rated Seller&rdquo; and a member of the Pro marketplace, which effectively puts me on the top of the totem pole for getting my GigsHaving an Eco-Friendly Website - WordPress Support Services by Maintainn<img src=""><br />Founded in 2012, Maintainn is owned and operated by WebDevStudios. Our mission at Maintainn is simple &ndash; to ensure your success! Maintainn takes the burden of maintaining your website off your hands by providing you with safe and reliable WordPress maintenance and support. Partner with us so you never have to worry about your website again.Staying Organized Professionally<img src=""><br />Have you ever woken up from a dead sleep thinking, &ldquo;Did I send out that status report?&rdquo; or &ldquo;What was I supposed to do from last Friday&rsquo;s team meeting?&rdquo; There&rsquo;s nothing like the fear of being unorganized to disrupt your rest. In this article, I will give some tips for staying organized professionally. With a little effort and a sustainable plan in place, you can reap the benefits of staying organized in your professional life. Organization Reduces Stress Ronni Eisenberg, Professional Organizer and Time Management Consultant at Organize Yourself! states that, &ldquo;Organization is important because it helps to reduce the stress from the daily and chronic chaos in your life. Being organized helps you to manage the overwhelm you feel because you have too much to do, you do not have the time, and you don&rsquo;t know where to begin. Organization helps you to find what you are looking for, get to appointments on time, and get things done.&rdquo; Tips for Staying Organized Professionally Note: Google Suite products allow for easy linking capabilities. Write it down or type it out. Getting ideas, tasks, topics down is a good first step. This will allow youUsing Technology for Crisis Management<img src=""><br />What Is a Crisis? A crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. By this definition, a crisis one faces can be as simple as being short-staffed one night to an extreme of requiring emergency response to a tragic event. When presented with a crisis, how quickly and how effectively you respond to it makes a dramatic impact on how you and your organization make it out on the other end of it, placing a great importance on having an effective plan and using the right technology for crisis management. Responding to Crisis In September 2017, Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane, ravaged through Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean sea, displacing hundreds of thousands of Americans and causing a record-setting amount of damage estimated at over 90 billion dollars. In the aftermath of the storm, nearly 180,000 Americans migrated from Puerto Rico to the US mainland with nearly one third of them ending up in central and southern Florida. To help respond to a rapid increase of those needing assistance in Central Florida, the Episcopal Office of Latino Assistance (EOLA) was formed to help families find work and transition into permanent housing in the wake of the storm.Tips for Organizing a WordPress Meetup<img src=""><br />There are currently over 1600 WordPress Meetups, and that number continues to grow. Attending a Meetup event is a good way to become involved with your local WordPress community. An even better way is to start organizing a WordPress Meetup! When you are an organizer, people automatically engage with you more and you learn so much. What Is a WordPress Meetup? A WordPress Meetup event can take on a variety of forms, from casual coffee to a formal presentation and everything in between. At its heart, though, a WordPress meetup is a gathering of people interested in WordPress who want to meet others in their local community. There is no experience required and members include developers, designers, marketers, content creators, end-users, professionals, hobbyists, etc. Like WordPress, meetups are open-source, too, in that anyone can organize an event. You don&rsquo;t have to be listed as the official meetup organizer. My Story I have been organizing my local WordPress Meetup Group in Calgary (YYCWPMUG) for a few years now. I had become one of the regular attendees at our monthly events. At the time, there was only one organizer, and he was doing everything. When he asked if I would be interestedWordPress 5.3 and PHP 7.4 - Kinsta's Annual PHP Benchmarks (2020)<img src=""><br />Each year we release our in-depth performance benchmarks across various platforms to see how different versions of PHP stack up against each other. This time we again went all out and benchmarked six different PHP versions across 22 different platforms/configurations; including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Laravel, Symfony, and many more. We also tested popular ecommerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Magento, Grav CMS, and October CMS. We are always encouraging WordPress users to take advantage of the latest supported versions of PHP. Not only are they more secure, but they offer additional performance improvements. We aren&rsquo;t talking just about WordPress either, this true for the most part across all platforms. We&rsquo;ll show you today how PHP 7.4 knocks the socks off of everything we put it against!What Is "Headless" WordPress?<img src=""><br />There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS on the planet. Chief among them are its general ease-of-use and flexibility. Both of these attributes are keys to the rise of the &ldquo;headless&rdquo; WordPress trend. That is, using a WordPress back end to feed content to an outside, non-WordPress application. While that may sound a bit confusing &ndash; not to worry! Today, we&rsquo;ll introduce you to the headless concept and the types of things you can do with it. From WordPress to Anywhere Think of a headless WordPress setup the same as, well, any other installation of the CMS. You install it just as you normally would. You log into the Dashboard and create pages or posts the same as always. The main difference? You aren&rsquo;t depending on WordPress to display the public-facing front end of your website. Instead, the content you create is meant to be used somewhere else. In essence, this could be just about anywhere. But among the most popular uses are: Mobile apps; Progressive web applications using JavaScript libraries such as React; Static websites; There are several advantages to this approach. For one, it allows content creators to use a familiar tool. TheyFinding product-market fit w/ Vova Feldman<img src=""><br />No DescriptionA Better, Cleaner Way to Render HTML with JavaScript<img src=""><br />As a team of WordPress developers, we often stumble upon a task where we need to request a set of data using AJAX and render it to the browser. Most of the the time we do it like this: It works. However, it&rsquo;s difficult to maintain this code, and most of the time, the HTML markup we need to use is much more complex than the example above. As more updates and changes occur in the markup, we find it increasingly difficult to work with this code. Enter wp.template If you are familiar with Underscore.js or {{ mustache }}, wp.template is an underscore-based JavaScript templating helper shipped with WordPress. So, how do we use it? Create and render your HTML markup template &lt;# _.forEach( data, function ( post ) { #&gt; Just with this, we can immediately see how easy it is to maintain our HTML markup. 1. It is important that the HTML markup template is wrapped with &lt;script type=&ldquo;text/html&rdquo; id=&ldquo;tmpl-[TEMPLATE-NAME]&rdquo;&gt;&lt;/script&gt;. 2. The id needs to be prefixed with tmpl-. 3. data is the variable passed to the template from the JavaScript. You&rsquo;ll see this shortly. 4. JavaScript logic goes inside &lt;# #&gt;. 5. &lt;# _.forEach() #&gt; is an UnderscoreHow Joe Casabona of the "How I Built It" Podcast Uses Starfish Reviews for One-Click Polling<img src=""><br />We are always excited to hear from our customers about the creative ways they use Starfish Reviews to get feedback from their customers. Recently Tevya was on Joe Casabona&rsquo;s podcast How I Built It talking about Starfish Reviews. During the podcast, Joe realized that Starfish had the perfect functionality for something he wanted to do to gather feedback from his podcast listeners. He ended up implementing it, and then made this awesome video explaining what he did. On Joe&rsquo;s weekly How I Built It podcast, he features conversations with business owners and operators telling their stories. Normally he does 30-40 minute interviews, but recently tried a solo episode where he shared what he learned at a conference. Joe wanted to know whether or not his listeners liked the new format. He used Starfish Reviews to create a simple one click poll to get feedback from his listeners. Simple Podcast Listener Polling &amp; Feedback Joe has listeners coming from Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher and other places. He wanted to make things as easy as possible for them to tell him whether or not they liked the new format. He put a simple question into the show notes &ndash; &ldquo;Did youSaaS as a Business-Model for Selling WordPress Plugins and Themes With Subscriptions<img src=""><br />Sorry for the interruption. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. To continue with your YouTube experience, please fill out the form below.SQL Injection: A Beginner's Guide for WordPress Users<img src=""><br />SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language that allows us to interact with databases. Modern web applications use databases to manage data and display dynamic content to readers. SQL injection, or SQLi, is an attack on a web application by compromising its database through malicious SQL statements. As it&rsquo;s a common attack, let&rsquo;s try to learn more about what it is, how it happens, and how to defend yourself from it. Ready? Let&rsquo;s dive in! What is SQL Injection? SQL injection, or SQLi, is a type of attack on a web application that enables an attacker to insert malicious SQL statements into the web application, potentially gaining access to sensitive data in the database or destroying this data.SQL injection was first discovered by Jeff Forristal in 1998. In the two decades since its discovery, SQL injection has consistently been the top priority of web developers when designing applications. Barclaycard estimated in 2012 that 97% of data breaches initiate with an SQL injection attack. An SQL injection is prevalent even today and the severity of injection attacks in a web application is recognized widely. It is one of the top ten most critical web application securityWebsite Project Problems You Might Encounter<img src=""><br />Committing to a new website or a website rebuild brings on a roller coaster of emotions. There is usually excitement over a new functionality or an updated look and sometimes apprehension over the content on your current site. You will certainly feel many highs but also a few lows throughout the life cycle of your project. Because we have ridden the roller coaster with many clients and have noticed the same challenges tend to arise from project to project, we have a few tips on how to handle them. Here are some of the website project problems you are likely to experience and how you can manage them. Missing Data Oftentimes, our clients wish to migrate the data from their current site to their new site. At the beginning of the life cycle of the project, we conduct a data discovery phase. We examine the data on your current site and complete a data mapping document which is handed off to our clients for final review and approval. Sometimes, it is not desired that all data be brought over. Other times, it is, but the data mapping document should outline explicitly what will be brought over. Then, development kicks off and data is often not something that comes to our clients&rsquo; mindsHow to translate your Elementor website<img src=""><br />Building a website from scratch is naturally not something everyone can do. The rise of no-code website building platforms has however changed the way people can and do build websites. No longer do you have to rely on a developer (although it&rsquo;s never a bad thing to have the input of an expert) or know how to code to make an engaging website. For those that want to &lsquo;go it alone&rsquo; there are a number of options out there that make building a website effortless. WordPress makes up a huge 34% of the web so it&rsquo;s no surprise that this website building platform might be one of the first that springs to mind. Creating a website on WordPress is made even easier by site building platforms that offer pre made themes and drag and drop capabilities. One of those site builders is Elementor which takes the hard work out of WordPress. Currently used on more than 3 million websites, this website builder effortlessly helps you make really impressive WordPress sites. Let&rsquo;s take a closer look at this leading page builder, its benefits and why a translated Elementor built WordPress site helps you grow your markets. Why Elementor? We should know! Weglot actually uses ElementorBlack Friday + Cyber Monday 2019 is Coming! Are You Ready?<img src=""><br />Black Friday is almost here and we&rsquo;re getting ready at Freemius! Is it the best day of the year? It definitely could be if you have your marketing strategy planned properly! We have experience working with our plugin and theme selling partners over the years and analyzing many BFCM promotions, which puts us in a great position to talk about what strategies work better than others across a network of hundreds of WordPress products. Even though you may have had successful Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales in the past, it&rsquo;s important to refresh your strategies every year, stay up to date on what major industry players are doing, and optimize the promotions that work best for your business. So, let&rsquo;s plug into the latest updates about BFCM! '' 7 Actionable Tips &amp; Tricks for Optimizing Your 2019 BFCM Sales This year, I&rsquo;m seeing more and more plugin and theme businesses applying promotional strategies that are used by professional marketers and known to maximize sales. With this increased competition during Black Friday, differentiating your promotion has become more important than ever. 1. Limiting the # of coupon redemptions While adding something like a countdown36 Best WooCommerce Themes to Dress Up Your Ecommerce Site<img src=""><br />We all know and love WordPress for its blogging capabilities. But what about turning a WordPress site into something more? What about selling physical or digital items through WordPress? As many of you may know, there&rsquo;s no need to go with another platform for launching an ecommerce store, all thanks to the WooCommerce plugin. It&rsquo;s an incredible solution for turning your site into an online store, and you typically don&rsquo;t have to pay for many extensions. The only downside is that there are so many WooCommerce themes to choose from. That&rsquo;s why we&rsquo;re covering the best WooCommerce themes for you to cut down on your searching and spend more time building a website! Where to Buy and Download the Best WooCommerce Themes Some folks might be strictly looking for free WooCommerce themes. Others are only interested in the best premium themes. It doesn&rsquo;t matter which group you fall into, but you should know the right sites to go to if you&rsquo;re looking to avoid unreputable themes. Articles like this are excellent options for finding curated lists to get started with your search. However, we also want to give you some marketplaces and libraries with the bestHow to Have a $100k+ WordPress Product Launch<img src=""><br />Have you ever heard of a WordPress plugin (or theme) that made over $100,000 in its first 30 days after launch? After spending hours Googling for successful plugins in the WordPress space that we could learn from, I couldn&rsquo;t find any. As a big believer in transparency and knowledge sharing, I promised myself that if we met our goal of making $100k+ during our launch, I would share everything that we learned so other plugin and theme developers would be able to replicate the &ldquo;recipe&rdquo; we used to bootstrap our business. Spoiler alert &ndash; we ended up making over $100,000 during the launchHow to Use the WordPress App on Your Smartphone<img src=""><br />Just like the WordPress desktop interface, the experts over at WP made sure that the mobile version of the most popular content platform in the world has an app to match its reputation. However, even though we use mobile phones way more than PCs nowadays (according to research), the majority of WordPress users still create content and post from their desktop computers. This can be considered a bit weird, given that WordPress has an official smartphone app. One of the possible reasons is that users are simply not used to it by now. Old habits die hard, and this applies especially to cases of long-year digital patterns. Remember when Windows XP started getting replaced with newer versions? We were all clinging to the good, old&rsquo; XP with all our might. It seems like the same thing is happening with the WordPress desktop and mobile version. Even though mobile WordPress is perfectly responsive and very user-friendly, most users claim that they simply prefer a &lsquo;better view&rsquo; of the dashboard and the text editor. This may be the case for graphics-rich websites that need a birds-eye view on every piece of content they craft, but many pure-text bloggers still prefer a big screen.Tips For Successful Blogging [Ignore Blogging Blarney]<img src=""><br />In these recent times, a lot of people are opting for their careers in the digitalized world. Therefore, blogging is one of the sought after careers in this digitalized era. you should keep these important tips for successful blogging into your mind because many people are pursuing blogging as their main careers. Everyone wants to have successful careers. Hence they look for the right guidelines and advice. But sometimes, this advice and guidelines are often misleading; they are indeed the blarneys that fool them. So a newbie blogger or an amateur one should take care of not letting these blarneys hamper with their career. One should follow the proper steps and the right measures to get the desired successful results. There are many ill pieces of advice or myths in blogging that must be known, and these situations must be handled differently. Let&rsquo;s take a look at the most prominent ones! 1. Write when you get great ideas It is one of the blarneys that have been existing for very long. Hence, it is very misguiding. To become a successful blogger, one should post a blog on a regular basis. Therefore, if you write only when any new idea or thought strikes you, then that would beSass Tips to Take Your Skills to the Next Level<img src=""><br />If you&rsquo;ve been using Sass for a while, but find yourself writing seemingly basic code that doesn&rsquo;t look very different from vanilla CSS, then this article is for you. We&rsquo;ll explore ten ways to put Sass to use, taking advantage of some of its more intermediate to advanced features. Year after year, I continue to be impressed with the language&rsquo;s capabilities and would like to share some of the tricks I&rsquo;ve learned. This article assumes you have at least some working experience with Sass. If not, get your hands dirty with one of the many great resources on the internet. The Sass documentation is a great place to start. They don&rsquo;t call them Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets for nothing, so let&rsquo;s get started on these 10 Sass tips created to take your skills to the next level. 1. Parent Selector Select a parent from within the child selector. SCSS Instead of having to make a new selector for .container .text outside of the .text block, you can just write your selector inside of .text, followed by the &amp;. Compiled CSS HTML 2. Suffixes Here&rsquo;s a cool way to generate suffixes based on a particular class. Use &amp;- followed by the desired suffix.Ways to Improve Your Website for the New Year<img src=""><br />The web is always changing, evolving, and growing. Here at WebDevStudios (WDS), we thrive on staying up-to-date on the latest trends to ensure the success of all of our clients&rsquo; websites. The end of the year is approaching, but there is still plenty of time between now and then to start planning on how to improve your website for next year. It&rsquo;s still 2019, so why should you be concerned about what will be on-trend next year? The planning process is pivotal in successful website builds, which takes time. You want to ensure your site is at the forefront of the the changing landscape of the web and not playing catch-up against your competitors. The sooner you start planning, the faster development can begin to get your site become a trailblazer in the new year. Why Do Trends Change and Why Are They So Important? It probably feels like it&rsquo;s a never-ending cycle to keep up with the new trends and updates that come yearly for WordPress and the web in general, and you wouldn&rsquo;t be wrong. With so many talented developers (many of which we have here at WDS) contributing to open-source platforms, trends and necessary features will always be changing in an attempt to findThe Complete Guide to WordPress REST API Basics<img src=""><br />The WordPress REST API is in the process of changing WordPress. You may not have noticed, as a lot of it is under the hood, but the implications of the REST API make a huge difference to the future of WordPress, both in terms of its codebase and its uses. If you haven&rsquo;t worked with the WordPress REST API, you might be wondering just what it is. So let&rsquo;s kick off by looking at what the REST API is. What is the WordPress REST API? The WordPress REST API is an interface that developers can use to access WordPress from outside the WordPress installation itself. You access it using JavaScript, which means it can be used to create interactive websites and apps. REST stands for Representational State Transfer and API stands for Application Programming Interface. Let&rsquo;s take a look at what each of those means. An Application Programming Interface, or API, is defined as: &ldquo;An interface or communication protocol between a client and a server intended to simplify the building of client-side software.&rdquo; If you aren&rsquo;t familiar with APIs, that may not help very much. To put it more simply, an API is a set of code that allows one system to interact (or &ldquo;interface&rdquo;)