Top ArticlesManageWP.orgBenefits of Integrating Salesforce with WordPress<img src=""><br />By now, you probably already know what WordPress is and that over a third of the web uses this Content Management System (CMS). And, you probably have heard of Salesforce, one of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. However, using those two terms in the same sentence may seem strange. As both an end-user of WordPress and Salesforce at one time, I am here to tell you that you not only can but should use them in the same sentence. I imagine that someone at some point said your business is only as good as your leads are. If you aren&rsquo;t capturing leads on your website, then you need to start. Capturing leads on your site and stopping there might not be the best way for you to manage your potential customers, though. By integrating Salesforce with WordPress, you can keep WordPress as your CMS, where you simply manage content, and Salesforce as your CRM, where you manage your customer relationships. It might sound to you that it is counter intuitive to integrate these two powerhouses of software just to manage them separately, but by the end of this blog post, you will see why and how it&rsquo;s not counter intuitive at all. Salesforce First, let&rsquo;s diveCoronavirus: 20 WordPress Community Leaders Share Their Thoughts<img src=""><br />WordPress is being used by millions and, as the Coronavirus circles the world, it is impacting the WordPress industry overall. At the beginning of this pandemic, I was interested to see how various WordPress entities are being affected, so I&rsquo;ve reached out to business leaders and independent professionals in our industry to learn what they&rsquo;re doing to keep things going. With all the crazy past days, I wasn&rsquo;t expecting lots of replies. To my surprise, many people made the extra effort to stop for a moment and share their thoughts with the rest of us. Each time I got a reply, I rushed to see what people are going through, what their struggles are and how they are holding up in such unexpected times that we&rsquo;re living. The things you will read are very different as people are going through various challenges. Some deal with adjustments for working remotely. Others are figuring out ways to keep their income and support their employees. Many are struggling with focus while dealing with an unpredictable future. And most end on a positive note and a feeling of hope and longing for togetherness. Even if each contribution is different, they have one thing in common &ndash;How to Work Remotely with Kids at Home<img src=""><br />We are currently in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. Face masks, alcohol, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper are all gone, and those who thought that the COVID-19 is &ldquo;just like the flu&rdquo; are all facing that fact that staying at home is best for everyone. For a company like WebDevStudios where everyone is 100% remote, it&rsquo;s just business as usual. But a lot of us have kids, and with school out, work is disrupted because you are now faced with keeping a child or two engaged in something just so you can continue to work. This is where I come in. My family is a homeschooling family. We&rsquo;ve been homeschooling for nine years now and both my hubby and I have been working from home for over a decade. We have learned a lot over the years, and I&rsquo;d love to share some valuable information and resources with everyone who is struggling to work remotely with kids at home. Disclaimer: IT IS NOT EASY. You will need a LOT of PATIENCE and TRY to remember that they&rsquo;re your kids and you LOVE them. The younger the kid, the harder it is. My kids were four and five years old when we first started homeschooling them. They did not know how to read and write. They&rsquo;reUltimate Remote Hiring Guide Using in 2020<img src=""><br />Remote employees have risen in number over the past few years, and this #COVID19 situation forced us all to work remotely from home. Along with full remote work, employees around the world are said to have worked remotely on special occasions. This trend is further consolidated by employers, they are now open for remote hiring. As found from a study from OwlLabs, a firm that specializes in keeping an eye on the global state of remote work, according to them almost 56% of all global companies offer remote work. What is Remote Work If you didn&rsquo;t spend the first three months of 2020 in an underground bunker, you have no reason to be unaware of the Covid-19 breakout. Covid-19 or in other words CoronaVirus, has taken over the world. Along with Coronavirus, there is another term that you might have heard about- Social Distancing. Social Distancing is now being strongly advised by medical experts as well as global leaders. It is now considered as the primary weapon in order to curve the spread of Coronavirus. Many countries have already gone into lock-down. Although Social Distancing might be a new term for many of us, it is not a new concept for many. Many professionals have been practicingWordPress Localization: What It Is and How to Localize Your Website<img src=""><br />What is WordPress localization, really? The term sounds mysterious enough. It&rsquo;s no wonder that many WordPress website owners have a tough time understanding what WordPress localization is, and how to do it effectively. Is WordPress localization about making your site multilingual and translating it for overseas markets? Is it about displaying a local language version of your site based on where the reader is from? And, if you&rsquo;re a developer, is it about preparing your theme or plugin for translation? We&rsquo;re going to answer all these questions in this guide to WordPress localization. First things first: What is WordPress localization? In a nutshell: Localization is the process of adapting a product (or content) to a specific locale, language, or local market. This adaptation process usually involves translating the item in question to some local language. Localization is also often referred to as &ldquo;l10n&rdquo; since there are ten letters between the letters &ldquo;l&rdquo; and &ldquo;n&rdquo; in &ldquo;localization&rdquo;. Localization vs. internationalization (Read if you&rsquo;re a developer) Now we&rsquo;re getting into the fun stuff! In everyday speech, localizationSome Numbers About The Official WordPress Plugin Directory<img src=""><br />The official WordPress plugin directory is one of the most important and popular sources for finding extensions for this content management system. There, you will find more than 50 thousand plugins available to do everything you can imagine with your website. WordPress plugin developers sometimes ask ourselves questions about what data we can get from the plugin directory. What trends are there currently? What is the next plugin to become popular? All this is very difficult to know with the naked eye. A few days ago, I tried to analyze some data about the WordPress plugin directory. So I got down to work. This article that you are reading shows the most relevant things that I could get with the data that I have. I hope you find it interesting. Extracting Data From The Official Plugin Directory The first thing we need for an analysis is to have some data to analyze. Obviously, I could have used a bit of web scrapping of the plugin directory, but this is not necessary because we have an API. It is true that it is not the most complete nor well documented API in the world, but it is something we can make use of. There is some data that the API does not provide,How To Add Motion Animations To Your Website Using Lottie & Elementor<img src=""><br />Making your WordPress website more animated can be a plus over your concurrence and would not add that much performance impact. There are a lot of free animations that can be added from Lottie with the help of Elementor and a plugin that can add a widget that will enable the animation loading. The plugin is called Animentor and it&rsquo;s a free plugin that can be installed and have this enabled for Elementor. The plugin will add a module in elementor that can be used to configure your animation. The menu will be as bellow: Adam from has created a full video that will show you exactly how you can use the plugin and what animation can be added. You can add and configure anymations as the below ones very easely:WooCommerce fruit and vegetable box: build your own food hamper<img src=""><br />Staying Connected to the WordPress Community<img src=""><br />Even though people are refraining from gathering in groups right now, there are still lots of ways you can continue your WordPress education and get your WordPress community fix. Mr. Rogers is often quoted during hard times: When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, &lsquo;Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.&rsquo; This couldn&rsquo;t be truer in the WordPress community, in general, and it&rsquo;s increasingly evident as more and more people self-isolate. For example, as office employees are starting to work from home for the first time, remote workers are offering tips and support. By staying connected with the WordPress community, you can help lift spirits (including your own), reduce feelings of isolation, and find strength to help make it through this rough patch. Here are some ways you can do that. Virtual WordCamps Most WordCamps that were scheduled between now and June 1 have been cancelled or postponed. For many, WordCamps are the only time we get to connect with other WordPress community members in person all year. We look forward to them and all the excitement they bring. It can be devastating watchingContinuing Your WordPress Education from Home<img src=""><br />Out of respect to the current health crisis, WordCamps across the globe are being canceled or postponed. However, your passion to continue your WordPress education doesn&rsquo;t have to come to a grinding halt. There are still ways to beef up your knowledge while isolated at home. From day one, WebDevStudios (WDS) has operated successfully as a 100% distributed company. We know WordPress, and we know remote work. That also means we know where to find the best resources for an online WordPress education. Of course, WDS has always supported and been a part of WordCamps and WordPress Meetups, but when we can&rsquo;t attend either, here are some ways we attain our WordPress education. is the go-to spot to watch WordCamp talks from all over the world! It&rsquo;s a pretty amazing website with a vast amount of WordPress education on topics such as The History of WordPress, How to Troubleshoot Your WordPress Site, and Building Web Applications on WordPress. YouTube Not all WordCamp talks are submitted to You can always find more on YouTube. With the cancelation of @WordCampLanc, I went back and found the previously unreleased recording of my WordCampWorking in a period of change<img src=""><br />As the status of the COVID-19 virus continues to change on a day-by-day basis, and businesses start to adapt to a new way of working, we wanted to share a little about things here at Weglot. Firstly, we hope you are all keeping safe. It&rsquo;s certainly been a very humbling period of time for all of us around the world. Whilst we can&rsquo;t change the situation, we can help by staying at home as much as possible to help our health systems as much as possible. In terms of business, whilst for our team nothing changes and we&rsquo;re lucky enough to be able to continue working remotely, we do understand and sympathize immensely with companies that cannot carry on and we can&rsquo;t even begin to imagine the impact this pandemic will have on people all over the world. In particular, how the virus will change the way many of our users do business and the communities we&rsquo;ve enjoyed helping and watching grow over the last few years of working within our industry. Something we wanted to do in the hope of supporting the situation where we can &ndash; is to offer temporary Weglot accounts to any website related to providing information about COVID-19. We feel it&rsquo;s important to beHow to Build Design Systems for WordPress<img src=""><br />What is a design system? If you&rsquo;ve never heard of a design system before, you&rsquo;re not alone. For those of us not dabbling in graphic design or pursuing it as a career, you can think of it essentially as a design template for websites. A design system sets out the building blocks that a graphic designer will use to build websites with. In this article, we&rsquo;ll cover the basics of a design system and touch on design systems specifically for WordPress. A design system might be very generic blocks&mdash;i.e., wireframes, a group of font styles, some button styles, logo usage, the header and footer design, etc. Or, it may be very specific, such as the entire brand and style guidelines for a company from top to bottom. History As web development has matured, it became apparent that while print designers had Illustrator and InDesign, there really wasn&rsquo;t a comparable tool with which to lay out a website, visually. Many designers used Photoshop, but that was very much like using a sledgehammer to hang a picture. Sure, it would probably work, but you&rsquo;d most likely end up with a very large hole. Then along came Sketch in late 2010. Sketch, a software built solely forThemeForest vs. Theme Review Process<img src=""><br />Submitting your WordPress theme for review can be a tedious process. I&rsquo;ve personally spoken with many theme developers who have been rejected from both ThemeForest and for reasons they did not expect, requiring them to spend 2X or 3X the amount of time developing and releasing their product. These rejections have led me to wonder: What exactly are the different review processes like? How do they impact theme businesses in terms of development and marketing? To get the answers to these questions, we should understand why themes get reviewed in the first place. Avoiding Rejection Why are WordPress Themes Reviewed? There&rsquo;s a pretty simple reason that ThemeForest and both review themes, and that&rsquo;s to ensure quality. Quality applies at many different levels &ndash; coding structure, security, user experience, bugs, compatibility issues, design, and much more. This is what Envato says about their WordPress Theme Requirements on ThemeForest: &ldquo;These requirements are designed to maintain a minimum standard of quality in WordPress themes distributed via Envato. Some exceptions may be allowed at the reviewer&rsquo;s discretion.&rdquo; Envato&rsquo;sWordPress 5.4 Changes and You - WordPress Support Services by Maintainn<img src=""><br />Founded in 2012, Maintainn is owned and operated by WebDevStudios. Our mission at Maintainn is simple &ndash; to ensure your success! Maintainn takes the burden of maintaining your website off your hands by providing you with safe and reliable WordPress maintenance and support. Partner with us so you never have to worry about your website again.The Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them<img src=""><br />WordPress errors on your site are no joke. While some may cause only minor inconveniences, others can result in major problems. Downtime, failed updates and installations, and missing resources can prevent visitors from accessing or using your site. This hurts your credibility and potentially affects your income. It&rsquo;d be almost impossible to know every potential WordPress error inside and out. However, understanding some of the most common WordPress issues users experience can help you prepare and troubleshoot WordPress problems when they pop up. This post covers the most frequently-experienced WordPress errors. I&rsquo;ve provided resources to help you clear up each of them, so you can get your website up and running again quickly. Try a free demo Let&rsquo;s jump right in! 65+ of the Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them In order to cover so many different issues in a single post, I&rsquo;ve organized them roughly according to type. Below you&rsquo;ll find a general description of the various components of your WordPress site and the problems they might experience, followed by the specific errors and their solutions. Errors labeled with a number between 400 and 499How to Fix These 5 Common WordPress Errors<img src=""><br />Do these sound familiar? White screen of death. Locked out of the admin. 404 not found. 500 internal server error. I could go on and on, but these are some of the most common errors and issues you will encounter when dealing with a WordPress website. So, if you are close to pulling your hair out or hiding somewhere thinking and hoping that maybe tomorrow everything will be fixed, and all is going to be right in the world again, don&rsquo;t worry. You are not alone. It is not the end. WordPress is a stable platform, but there is nothing out of the ordinary about encountering issues. Keep reading to learn how to fix common WordPress errors (without going bald). WordPress has a huge 35% share of the internet pie. More often than not, the issue you&rsquo;re having has been documented somewhere with a fix added in for good measure. Outlined below are five of the most common WordPress errors and issues and how to fix them in the easiest possible way. There will be minimal hand-holding here; you will need to figure out how to get to where you need to go to make changes. Most of the fixes described below will require you to have some PHP knowledge, knowledge of the WordPress Admin, and an understandingSpeed Up Your Development with Visual Studio Code<img src=""><br />Visual Studio (VS) Code was released on April 29, 2015 by Microsoft. In a very short time, it has taken the coding world by storm. As of 2020, nearly 51% of developers claim to use it as their primary development environment. This, in itself, is shocking. When it first came out, nobody expected a tool made by Microsoft to become so dominant. After all, Sublime Text and Atom (made by GitHub) were incredibly popular and had a large user base; Microsoft had a large hill to climb. Microsoft did lots right when developing VS Code, but there are a few (okay, five) specific things that sick out (to me) that make it universally appealing. First and perhaps foremost, they integrate extensions as a primary function of the IDE. This focus is obvious. It has a button in the activity bar! Extensions are popular in Atom and Brackets, as well (both very similar IDEs built on Electron), but neither have made extensions so accessible and simple. This means that if, for some reason, you want your editor to work differently, there&rsquo;s probably an extension for that. If there isn&rsquo;t one, you can code one yourself using their thorough documentation and API. Secondly, Visual Studio Code is fast.How to Analyze and Boost WordPress Performance<img src=""><br />WordPress may be the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, but it does have its unique kinks. If you&rsquo;re considering using WordPress as the foundation for your site or have just started using it, there are a number of things you need to know. The most important is that website performance is one of the most crucial things that need to focus on. Why the Need for Speed? The age of digital has seen the power and capabilities of digital devices, platforms, and infrastructure go through huge advances. Today, the average smartphone has more computing power than was used to power Apollo rockets to the moon in the past. We&rsquo;ve gone from dialup modems to fiber optic home Internet lines. According to Google, the world&rsquo;s largest search engine has decided that for ideal user experience, it needs websites to perform well in order to get better rankings. At the same time, because users are bombarded by a ton of information from always-on services, their attention span has dropped &ndash; along with their patience. Today, your website needs to be able to load and present itself to visitors quickly &ndash; or lose them. The Thing About WordPress&hellip; Before weShould I Start a Blog? 3 BIG Reasons Why You Should! - Theme Circle<img src=""><br />Have you been itching to start a blog for some time? If you feel like you have something valuable to contribute to the world, then this is an awesome outlet for expressing yourself. These days the question of how to start a blog isn&rsquo;t difficult to answer since there are many tools and resources available on how to do this. However, you may be stuck on why you should do it. This is a sign that you are a thoughtful person. Have no fear. You can do this. You have something valuable to contribute. Below we will expand on this and help to show you why you should get started on your blog! Blogs Are an Outlet for Self Expression Pursuing a blog is a creative endeavor that provides many benefits. I can&rsquo;t quite explain it, but we all have the need to express ourselves. Writing is a useful way of doing this. Writing down your thoughts in an ordered way, in the form of blog posts, helps you to get clear on things. As you practice this, you get better at expressing your thoughts and at communication in general. You also learn about yourself and the topics you write about more deeply. Finally, a blog is open to the public, which helps with cultivating confidence. While blogging isn&rsquo;tSecuring Your WordPress Website - WordPress Support Services by Maintainn<img src=""><br />Founded in 2012, Maintainn is owned and operated by WebDevStudios. Our mission at Maintainn is simple &ndash; to ensure your success! Maintainn takes the burden of maintaining your website off your hands by providing you with safe and reliable WordPress maintenance and support. Partner with us so you never have to worry about your website again.Efficient Ways Of Working From Home During COVID-19 - WPDeveloper<img src=""><br />Working remotely might sound fun and in a world without pandemic COVID-19, trust me, it really is. Especially if you are working in a tech company, it&rsquo;s a lot easier and somewhat more productive if you could follow the golden rules. From the experience of working in a few leading distributed tech companies, I always felt an urge to share my experience and some tips to efficiently manage the working schedule while no one was watching over your shoulder. But it didn&rsquo;t happen! I am writing this on different circumstances while an unfortunate pandemic Corona Virus is forcing many businesses to implement remote work within a very short time as a potential solution to stop the spread of the infectious disease. At WPDeveloper, we have also started &lsquo;work from home&rsquo; for our employees to help the stem of the spread of COVID-19. To keep the world economy going, we need to prepare ourselves and help the companies to carry on their regular work schedule as much as possible. A little preparation can go a long way to make your &lsquo;work from home&rsquo; adventure great. Also, it could be a life-changing experience for you and help you to be more focused, organized and self-sufficient.11 WordPress Plugins that Integrate with WooCommerce<img src=""><br />WooCommerce is known for being compatible with a world of plugins and extensions, which is why we love it so much! We&rsquo;ve listed some excellent WooCommerce extensions previously, but this time, we&rsquo;re discussing integrations with WordPress plugins. This post contains some affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. See the disclosure for more details. Integrations deal with third party software that combines&mdash;integrates&mdash;with the plugin or software in question in order to widen the plugin&rsquo;s range of functionality. In terms of WooCommerce, there&rsquo;s a boatload of WordPress plugin integrations available, so we dug a little deeper to see what quality, interesting and useful ones are out there that may have gone unnoticed. The Plugins In this list we give a variety of plugins that serve different purposes, attempting to provide a holistic approach to bolstering your WooCommerce business. 1. TrustPulse ($39/yr-$349/yr) Category: Marketing Notable Features: Real-Time Event Tracking and On Fire Notifications Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a real motivator when it comes to social networking and TrustPulse helps alleviateGoogle Schema Changes for COVID-19 and More Free Features!<img src=""><br />On March 17th 2020, in response to COVID-19 self-isolation trends, Google published new Schema properties for virtual, postponed, and cancelled events. The latest Premium version of WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup provides several customization options for these new properties in the Document SSO metabox. This past month, the Free / Standard versions of WPSSO Core and its WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup add-on have also received several new features &mdash; most notably, almost all customization options in the Document SSO metabox are now available in the Free / Standard version of WPSSO Core (except for those options that require an integration module from the Premium version to implement, like video service APIs), and the Free / Standard version of WPSSO Schema JSON-LD Markup now includes all 495 supported Schema types! The WPSSO Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons and the WPSSO Social Sharing Buttons add-ons have been removed from the SSO &gt; Complementary Add-ons settings page, and will soon be deprecated (ie. removed from the and websites). As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can open a ticket on our Premium support site. Have a greatIs CodeCanyon a Good Place to Sell WordPress Plugins?<img src=""><br />All WordPress developers who want to create a sustainable business selling plugins need to not only take care of development and maintenance, but also monetizing and marketing their products. While CodeCanyon is a very popular marketplace where many developers monetize their plugins, it&rsquo;s definitely not the only solution out there. There are many ways to sell plugins through your own marketing and sales efforts, and Freemius is here to explain all the pros and cons of CodeCanyon so that you&rsquo;ll be able to decide for your business if CodeCanyon is a good place to sell WordPress plugins. ****____What is Freemius? ____**** 90 Sec explainer video - Check us out @ Subscribe to the blog - ****____More Great Videos!