Top ArticlesManageWP.orgInterview with Adrian Spiac, Co-founder of Cozmoslabs<img src=""><br />Adrian Spiac is the co-founder of Cozmoslabs, a WordPress company that focuses on delivering premium WordPress plugins you can rely on. These include Profile Builder, Paid Membership Subscriptions, and their newest success: TranslatePress. Their plugins are well supported, maintained, and used on over 100,000 WordPress sites around the globe. You can find Adrian on Twitter or LinkedIn. This is our recent interview with him, as part of our Kinsta Kingpin series. Q1: What is your background, &amp; how did you first get involved with WordPress? I graduated from Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, specializing in Multimedia. An analytical person at heart, I started writing code in 9th grade and quickly fell in love with it. Unlike other hosting providers, Kinsta doesn't have level 1 or level 2 support reps. Our entire support team is made up of highly-skilled WordPress developers and Linux engineers, available 24x7 to help! My WordPress journey began around 10 years ago when I teamed up with Cristian and decided to start a web development agency. Due to its simplicity, WordPress became our main focus quickly. The things we learned were shared on our Cozmoslabs blog, which eventuallyWhat to Do with A Dying WordPress Plugin or Theme? Ways to Revive or Repurpose It<img src=""><br />For a variety of possible reasons, if you&rsquo;re a WordPress plugin or theme owner, you may find yourself in a situation where your product is slowly dying out (or can pretty much be declared dead already). With the number of abandoned plugins and themes, we all know that dying products are a rather common sight in the WordPress ecosystem. If this has happened to your product, or if you fear that someday it might, then read this article, in which I&rsquo;ll provide you with several salvation options that can help either revive or repurpose your dying product and help it continue to bring value to you and to other people. As a side note, I realize this title may unintentionally be misleading for some people, so for those of you who were searching for a solution to a situation where a WordPress plugin or theme breaks your WordPress website &ndash; it appears you came to the wrong placePausing Freelance Work to Build a $20k/mo WordPress Plugin<img src=""><br />WordPress GDPR Compliance - Everything You Need to Know<img src=""><br />You might have heard of the term &ldquo;GDPR&rdquo; being discussed around the web. It&rsquo;s still a pretty hot topic, especially with all that is going on with data breaches and security in the news. To put it simply, GDPR is a privacy law designed to give citizens back control of their personal data. Hands down, GDPR is impacting how the entire internet deals with data. The scary part is that the deadline was last year (May 25th, 2018) and many questions regarding GDPR are still plaguing people: What exactly is GDPR? In layman&rsquo;s terms. Does GDPR impact me? What do I need to do for GDPR compliance? Many have a tendency to put off what they don&rsquo;t understand. Taxes are a good example. For a lot of us, GDPR has simply been a lower priority on our checklists. But the GDPR deadline has come and gone and you really should take a few moments and determine whether or not you need to make changes to the way your business and or website operates. If you don&rsquo;t there could be hefty fines involved. Don&rsquo;t worry, we&rsquo;ll try and explain everything you need to know about GDPR below, as well what you can do to prepare. But we aren&rsquo;t lawyers, so we&rsquo;ll try notHow Discovering WordPress Changed my Young Career<img src=""><br />Discovering WordPress all the way back in 2004 was a turning point in my young career. Here's how it came about.James Kemp and Iconic - How I Built It<img src=""><br />Sponsored by: James Kemp is the founder and lead developer of Iconic, a popular WooCommerce extension shop. James has managed to do well in an increasingly saturated space. His approach to solving problems and determining if there&rsquo;s a market for his new ideas is an interesting one. He offers lots of great advice on everything from research to development, and launching. The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained (CGP Grey)TranslatePress WordPress Translation Plugin Guide<img src=""><br />I think you will agree with me when I say creating a multilingual website is no easy task. Especially for a beginner. Which translation plugin do you choose? Do you translate your website manually or automatically? Do you hire a professional translator? Does translating your website affect your SEO rankings? All these (and more) are pertinent questions to ask yourself as far as translating your WordPress website goes. Turns out you can easily translate your WordPress website into more than 200 languages using the TranslatePress plugin. And in this guide, we show you exactly how to install and translate your website with one of the best WordPress translation plugins of 2019 and beyond. Read on to learn how you can use the TranslatePress WordPress plugin to offer your content and products to visitors from all over the world without breaking a sweat. What is TranslatePress? Before we get lost in the impressive suite of features, let us first learn more about this multilingual WordPress plugin. What is TranslatePress? TranslatePress is a nifty WordPress translation plugin handcrafted by the same awesome guys who brought you Cozmoslabs. It is loaded to the brim with all the features youHow to prepare your WordPress plugin for a critical update<img src=""><br />Why did we need a new version? Before explaining how we proceeded with a new version, it&rsquo;s important to understand &ldquo;why&rdquo; we had to make a new version of Weglot. The main reasons were to improve the &ldquo;adaptability&rdquo; of our plugin and to reduce our technical debt. An increasingly long and difficult support The first version of Weglot did not contain any WordPress filters or actions: the so-called hooks. It was thus very difficult to change the default behavior of our plugin and adapt it to specific customer needs. We had to provide custom patches to our customers while taking into account the changes for our next updates. It was quite tedious and delicate. The more customers we had, the longer the technical support was. Of course, we could have simply added some filters and actions as we went along, but we were faced with other problems. A growing technical debt Here is the quality score of the Weglot WordPress plugin code at the time of the last update of version 1 (v1.13.1): 6.53 / 10 Generally speaking, we can&rsquo;t say that it&rsquo;s a terrible score but it&rsquo;s clearly not great either. The mediocre score was partly due to some of the dependenciesWhy Trying to Be a Sysadmin to Save $20/Month Is a Bad Idea<img src=""><br />Time and time again we see users on forums and social media complaining that managed WordPress hosting is a big waste of money. Their reason? It&rsquo;s much better to manage your own server. Unfortunately, they never mention what all this actually entails. To a casual WordPress user, this can definitely give the wrong impression. It sounds easy and cheap, but the end result is you&rsquo;ll probably end up spending a lot more time and money than you think. You&rsquo;re probably thinking, &ldquo;you guys are a managed WordPress hosting company, so aren&rsquo;t you a little biased?&rdquo; Perhaps, but we also have the advantage of seeing the perspective of both sides. We have sysadmins on the Kinsta team that manage all of our own servers for clients, and therefore, we know what it takes to do this properly and why for most of you, being a sysadmin is actually a bad idea. In fact, in some scenarios, it can be a downright nightmare. Being a sysadmin takes a lot of patience, skill, and you have to really enjoy fixing things that break! Besides our own team, we also get to see all the feedback from clients who have previously tried to manage everything themselves. Once they arrive at a managedGoDaddy Acquires CoBlocks, ThemeBeans and Block Gallery — Rich Tabor<img src=""><br />I&rsquo;ve made a number of things as a WordPress &ldquo;maker&rdquo; &mdash; most notably ThemeBeans, CoBlocks, and Block Gallery. My mission and clear focus through building products has always been to deliver a phenomenal WordPress experience. It&rsquo;s the foundation upon which my career is built. And while it&rsquo;s been a fantastic experience so far, it almost feels like I&rsquo;m just getting started &mdash; in such a good way. A few months ago, GoDaddy approached me with an idea to build the next wave of WordPress innovation together. After getting to know the WordPress leadership at GoDaddy, I could feel the universal passion that every person I met shared for WordPress &mdash; and even more so for the folks who rely on WordPress every single day. That&rsquo;s right up my ally, and something I could definitely get behind. Today, I am thrilled to announce that CoBlocks, ThemeBeans, and Block Gallery have been acquired by GoDaddy, and I will be joining the team as the Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience. Together, we&rsquo;ll make a real difference on how millions of folks use WordPress everyday on GoDaddy&rsquo;s Managed WordPress platform and beyond. Read the fullLaraberg Editor<img src=""><br /> || Laraberg is a Laravel package by Maurice Wijnia that aims to provide an easy way to integrate the Gutenberg editor in Laravel projects. Laraberg aims to provide an easy way to integrate the Gutenberg editor with your Laravel projects. It is built on top of the GutenbergJS project, implements all the necessary communication and adds an easy to use API. Here&rsquo;s the basic gist for how you render the editor: first we render/hide an input element: &lt;input id=&quot;[id_here]&quot; type=&quot;textarea&quot; name=&quot;[name_here]&quot; hidden&gt; And then we initialize Gutenberg with a helper provided by this package referencing the id attribute from our input: Laraberg.initGutenberg('[id_here]'); Check out the full installation documentation from the readme for setup and usage instructions. This package simplifies using Gutenberg, but there are a few steps you need to understand to make it work with a Laravel application; for example, Gutenberg requires the following JS libraries: React, React DOM, Moment, and jQuery. You must also configure your models and understand how to get and render the content generated from Gutenberg. You can learn more about this package and check outMinimum WordPress PHP Version update<img src=""><br />Building on the robust infrastructure of WordPress 5.1, another release is in the offing at the end of this month. Perhaps the most crucial thing to note with the new update &ndash; WordPress 5.2 &ndash; is that all users would have to upgrade their version of PHP to PHP 5.6.20. Following the release of WordPress 5.1, many users have taken the plunge, updating to more recent PHP versions. So you just might fancy doing same if you&rsquo;ve not done that to prevent losing out on the latest features to follow WordPress 5.2. If you&rsquo;re thinking a manual WordPress update, well that wouldn&rsquo;t work too. Presently, WordPress recommends that users upgrade to its recommended version &ndash; PHP 7.3 And it&rsquo;s not hard to see why. With the most recent PHP version equipped to breeze through your backend needs, updating your site will no doubt drive drastic improvements on your site speed, which is what you want to keep your visitors glued to your pages. Plus, a spike in the performance department will additionally cut the number of servers needed to host websites. As we all reckon WordPress&rsquo; towering dominance in the content management system world, it&rsquo;s another big leapWhat Makes a Great Business Landing Page?<img src=""><br />Your landing page makes or breaks your online marketing strategy. Around 65 percent of marketing professionals feel lead generation and driving traffic to a website is one of their most important tasks. The two goals work intricately together, so those who visit your page are most likely to become customers. 1. Know Your Audience The key to a landing page which converts is knowing the target audience for that page. Create a buyer persona which represents the typical customer who lands on the specific page. Gear the tone of the writing, images and even CTAs to the preferences of your buyer. For example, if your audience is mostly Generation Z, you might use pop culture references and a lighter tone than if your audience is made up of baby boomers. 2. Have One Purpose Most sites offer multiple landing pages, but each page should have one primary purpose. If you provide too many different options on a single page, buyers grow confused about what they are supposed to do next. A strong landing page moves users to a sole purpose. For example, if your goal is to get site visitors registered for your newsletter, you might explain what your newsletter offers, give them an incentive to sign upLearn How to Reset a WordPress Website<img src=""><br />Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to start over your WordPress site? Although WordPress allows everyone to easily start a blog, creating that perfect site you have been dreaming of isn&rsquo;t so straightforward as you may have imagined. You will have to spend some time messing around with WordPress until you really get to understand how it behaves. That means you will wander around settings until you find everything you wanted to modify to your likings. No matter how careful you are, sooner or later you will make a mistake. Also, while developing that perfect site, you will have to try on different themes until you get the one you were looking for. And because there are tens of thousands of different plugins, you will probably want to install two or three of the same functionality before you decide on the one you will use in the following months and years. And if you&rsquo;re just starting out, after a couple of hours or days of trying different things on WordPress, you might realize that you need to start over. So, how do you reset your WordPress site? How to reset a WordPress site? This time, we won&rsquo;t bother you with technicalities &amp; details. WordPressDebugging WordPress with Local by Flywheel, (neo)vim, and xdebug<img src=""><br />Introduction Local by Flywheel is a popular tool for getting quick and reliable WordPress installations running on your computer. One of its lesser-known features is the inclusion of xdebug support. xdebug is a PHP extension that allows for real-time debugging of PHP code. Today, we&rsquo;re going to go over how to get both of these working together within vim to provide a powerful interface that allows for some successful debugging of WordPress. Prerequisites Firstly, this tutorial is intended for users of vim or neovim. If you aren&rsquo;t familiar with how to use vi-like editors, but want to learn, I would recommend running vimtutor in your command line and learning how to move and work in vim before continuing with this post. Next, you&rsquo;ll need Local by Flywheel. You can download it here. If you haven&rsquo;t set up a site before with Local, it is pretty straightforward. You can find a guide for getting started on Flywheel&rsquo;s blog. Setup vim For vim or neovim, henceforth referred to simply as &ldquo;vim&rdquo; (with distinctions for neovim if necessary), you will need the Vdebug plugin. Installation instructions are included on the plugin&rsquo;s page. I use vim-plug toGoing to your First WordCamp? Here’s What You Need To Know!<img src=""><br />So, you&rsquo;ve decided to attend your first WordCamp&mdash;a nonprofit, volunteer-organized conference about WordPress and related topics. That&rsquo;s great! WordCamps are excellent places to learn a new skill, get up-to-date on design trends, meet potential clients and partners, and geek out about WordPress in general. Having attended countless WordCamps across North America, here are my top tips on how to maximize your WordCamp experience. A laptop is *optional* It may not be apparent, considering this is a conference about technology, but unless you are planning on using your laptop to actively debug or work on your website, such as at the Happiness Bar, or participate in a live workshop, consider leaving your laptop at home. It&rsquo;s widely accepted that written notes result in higher comprehension levels than typed notes; some sponsors even give away notebooks and pens to use. Leaving your laptop at home means one less thing to carry around and think about all day. As a presenter, I&rsquo;ll often take a minute to store my laptop back in my room for just this reason. A post shared by Meagan Hanes (@mhanes) on May 27, 2017 at 6:16am PDT Browse the schedule in advance WordCampsTom McFarlin Joins WebDevStudios<img src=""><br />What seems like an April Fool&rsquo;s Day joke, certainly is not. It&rsquo;s true, folks. Tom McFarlin, longtime WordPress community leader, WordCamp speaker, and the person behind Pressware, has joined WebDevStudios (WDS) as a Senior Backend Engineer. (Pause for response.) To set the record straight, Tom took some time during his first day of on-boarding at WDS and shared the story behind what propelled him to make this surprising career move and offered advice to anyone thinking about doing the same. WDS: Hi, Tom. Welcome to your first day at WDS! What prompted your decision to make this big change in your career? Tom: For the majority of the time I&rsquo;ve worked with WordPress, I&rsquo;ve known that I wanted to make a career out of it. In terms of how, though, I wasn&rsquo;t sure. Over the past few years of building custom solutions for small businesses and individuals, I wanted to begin applying much of that knowledge and increase my learning and experience in an enterprise setting with a great team who also allow me to pursue interests both inside the company and out. This means that I can still moonlight on WordPress projects that are pertinent to Pressware, but I can focus5 Best WordPress Member Directory Plugins Compared (Hands<img src=""><br />Looking for the best WordPress member directory plugin to showcase the users at your site in a public list? In this post, we go hands-on with 5 great options to help you find the plugin that&rsquo;s right for your unique situation. Beyond sharing each plugin&rsquo;s key features, we&rsquo;ll also take a look at important criteria like: Filtering and search options &ndash; how much control you and visitors have over finding specific members. Templating and pagination options &ndash; how much control you have over how your member directory&rsquo;s looks and what information it includes. Integrations &ndash; what other plugins you can integrate your member directory with. For example, can you show a user&rsquo;s bbPress post count in your user list? But first, let&rsquo;s cover a quick rundown on what you can use these plugins for. Use Cases for a WordPress Member Directory Plugin Wondering what you can use these plugins for? With a flexible WordPress member directory plugin, there are a lot of different ways a WordPress member directory can help you. You can create directories for: Subscribers at your membership site or online course Team members or employees of your business MembersFreemius provides all the tools to sell WordPress plugins and themes<img src=""><br />No DescriptionWordPress Products, Audited: The ‘GS Team Members’ Case-study<img src=""><br />This is the second part of our &ldquo;WordPress Products, Audited&rdquo; series, where we try to help WordPress plugin and theme developers optimize their products for more sales &amp; conversions in all possible aspects. We noticed that many WordPress theme &amp; plugin creators and sellers are repeating the same mistakes, when it comes to the way they present, position and price their products, so we decided to launch this case-study audit series on the Freemius blog, in the hope that it will act as a source of valuable knowledge which product people can gain from and hopefully even use as action-items for their projects. Our next product audit came through thanks to Golam Samdani who agreed to have &lsquo;GS Team Members&rsquo;, his WordPress plugin, up for a public pokeElementor Performance Tests Vs Normal Theme<img src=""><br />In this article, I would like to present you a performance load test over Elementor page builder to see exactly how much is increasing your page load time. These days is important to have a fast loading site to be better for your visitors and have a more good bounce rate. This speed is important especially on mobile where the internet speed is not that good as on a desktop and where the user doesn&rsquo;t have that much patience. Elementor is the best page builder plugin that you can use as it has a lot of features and can help in creating very beautiful websites designs in minutes, it is mobile responsive and not expensive at all it even can be used for free with the free version. Many are telling that if you are using Elementor you don&rsquo;t even need a WordPress theme and you can just use Elementor for everything. This is actually true but you will see in this article that the things are not quite like this. Plugins and Theme Used for Tests For these tests, I am using a couple of Plugins and Astra Theme to test the Elementor Performance increase from the normal Astra load time. The plugins that are installed on my site are: Yoast SEO ThirstyAffiliatesa Affiliate Coupons WP RocketThis is Not the WordPress You’re Looking For<img src=""><br />Overall, I'm not happy with the direction that decisions in WordPress have gone. This is not the WordPress I fell in love with. # Links - Jetpack adding search recommendations: - WP Tavern on admin notices: - WooCommerce adding suggestions: ## My Gear - My gear: - Patreon: - Music:’s the Best WordPress User Profile Plugin? 5 Options Compared<img src=""><br />Looking for the best WordPress user profile plugin to give your site&rsquo;s members their own great-looking front-end profiles (and/or let them edit their profiles from the front-end)? In this post, we&rsquo;ll share and compare five of the top user profile plugins that will help you do just that. Here&rsquo;s a quick comparison table so that you know what to expect, and keep reading for a lot more detail! User rating (out of 5)* 4.7 4.4 3.7 4.0 4.8 Free version? ✅ ❌ ✅ ✅ ✅ Starting price for Premium $69 $60 $15 $49 $79 *According to or CodeCanyon user ratings Profile Builder is a very popular user profile plugin that&rsquo;s active on over 50,000 sites and has a 4.7-star rating on over 490 reviews at It comes in both a free version at, as well as a premium version with lots of extra functionality. At a high level, Profile Builder helps you with everything &ldquo;profile related&rdquo;, including front-end&hellip; Registration forms Profiles Login forms The premium version also adds support for some more advanced features, like multiple forms/profile pages, WooCommerce sync, and lots more. Profile Builder features Let&rsquo;s start with theElementor Introduces Related Posts & Other Post Query Filters<img src=""><br />Starting an online magazine or any other content-heavy site on WordPress is a challenging task. Featuring the right articles at the right time &ndash; that&rsquo;s a big part of the challenge. To help you better cope with featured posts, we significantly improved the post filtering options available in our Post, Portfolio and Products widgets. Introducing Advanced Query Control &ndash; WordPress post filtering tools which include: Date Filter Exclude options At Elementor, we care about improving existing widgets and features just as much as we care about introducing new ones. Lucky for us, we have the biggest focus group at the tip of our fingers; over 2 million users who use our tools daily and constantly suggest amazing improvements. The improvements being released are based on suggestions from users. This shows the power of our open source solution that constantly gets better thanks to the power of our community. Let&rsquo;s dive in and see how these upgrades give you powerful capabilities when featuring posts on your news, listings and advanced websites. Remember spending 4 hours on YouTube, watching one cat video after another? This happened because of YouTube&rsquo;s intelligent