Top ArticlesManageWP.orgHow to Build Design Systems for WordPress<img src=""><br />What is a design system? If you&rsquo;ve never heard of a design system before, you&rsquo;re not alone. For those of us not dabbling in graphic design or pursuing it as a career, you can think of it essentially as a design template for websites. A design system sets out the building blocks that a graphic designer will use to build websites with. In this article, we&rsquo;ll cover the basics of a design system and touch on design systems specifically for WordPress. A design system might be very generic blocks&mdash;i.e., wireframes, a group of font styles, some button styles, logo usage, the header and footer design, etc. Or, it may be very specific, such as the entire brand and style guidelines for a company from top to bottom. History As web development has matured, it became apparent that while print designers had Illustrator and InDesign, there really wasn&rsquo;t a comparable tool with which to lay out a website, visually. Many designers used Photoshop, but that was very much like using a sledgehammer to hang a picture. Sure, it would probably work, but you&rsquo;d most likely end up with a very large hole. Then along came Sketch in late 2010. Sketch, a software built solely forHow to Fix These 5 Common WordPress Errors<img src=""><br />Do these sound familiar? White screen of death. Locked out of the admin. 404 not found. 500 internal server error. I could go on and on, but these are some of the most common errors and issues you will encounter when dealing with a WordPress website. So, if you are close to pulling your hair out or hiding somewhere thinking and hoping that maybe tomorrow everything will be fixed, and all is going to be right in the world again, don&rsquo;t worry. You are not alone. It is not the end. WordPress is a stable platform, but there is nothing out of the ordinary about encountering issues. Keep reading to learn how to fix common WordPress errors (without going bald). WordPress has a huge 35% share of the internet pie. More often than not, the issue you&rsquo;re having has been documented somewhere with a fix added in for good measure. Outlined below are five of the most common WordPress errors and issues and how to fix them in the easiest possible way. There will be minimal hand-holding here; you will need to figure out how to get to where you need to go to make changes. Most of the fixes described below will require you to have some PHP knowledge, knowledge of the WordPress Admin, and an understandingHow to create a multilingual WooCommerce store<img src=""><br /> || One of the key benefits of running an online store versus a physical retail store is that you can potentially reach out to customers all across the world. However, once you decide to take your e-commerce store global, you&rsquo;ll need a way to effectively communicate with a multilingual audience. For this, you&rsquo;ll need to create a multilingual WooCommerce store. In this article, we&rsquo;ll start by discussing the business benefits of going multilingual. Then, we&rsquo;ll walk you through a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to create a multilingual WooCommerce store using the Weglot translation plugin. According to recent studies, the 2020 market share for WooCommerce is a whopping 26%. And considering that nearly 42% of respondents of a recent survey reported having never searched for or bought products in a language other than their native language, it&rsquo;s easy to see why you might choose WooCommerce to set up your multilingual e-commerce store. For this, you&rsquo;ll need to set up a multilingual WooCommerce store that facilitates prospective customers that speak a different language than your store&rsquo;s native language. So, for example, if your store is inHow to Sell Lifetime Licenses for WordPress Plugins and Themes<img src=""><br />No DescriptionIntroducing EA Event Calendar: Showcase Your Upcoming Events Easily Using Elementor<img src=""><br />Product Transparency: Displaying Ingredients on Your Consumer Goods Website<img src=""><br />Product transparency simply means being open and honest about the ingredients in your consumer packaged goods (CPG). Growing up, I was never concerned with the ingredients in products. I consumed a lot of food and used a lot of skin and hair products that weren&rsquo;t good for my body or health. One day, I realized that I had lost most of my hair and it was falling out at a rapid pace. Thanks to the internet and social media, I learned about the natural hair movement and how to read ingredients in products. I learned exactly what ingredients were good for my hair and which ones to stay away from. My hair flourished and grew longer than it ever had before. I then started to pay attention and research all ingredients in my food and skincare products. Product transparency has become a movement not only for me but for everyone else! That&rsquo;s why displaying ingredients on your consumer goods website is vital for both your customers and your brand. Consumers everywhere are paying attention to the ingredients that we are consuming and the potential negative effects those ingredients have. Consumers want to know the ingredients of their food, hair, skin, makeup, household, baby productsHow to Translate Widgets in WordPress + Show Different Widgets based on Language<img src=""><br />If you&rsquo;re looking to build a multilingual WordPress site learning how to translate WordPress widgets content is critical in order to have a fully translated website. Translating widgets content in WordPress in not always straight forward, that&rsquo;s why choosing the right translation tool is important. Some translation plugins will require that you register widget fields for translation which is done either by writing code or by using a complicated interface / or a completely separate plugin. Others simply don&rsquo;t have support for translating WordPress widgets. There is however a simpler and faster way. One that doesn&rsquo;t require any custom code and is fully visual (you translate what you see). In this tutorial we&rsquo;ll focus on how to use TranslatePress &ndash; a WordPress translation plugin &ndash; to translate widgets in WordPress. Using its front-end visual translation interface all you do is click on a certain widget text and you can enter its translation in the sidebar, like this: Ready to learn how to set it up? Here&rsquo;s how to translate any WordPress widget using TranslatePress. What are WordPress widgets and why translate them in the first place? WordPressWeb Design Best Practices For Your Next Website Project<img src=""><br />What causes the large discrepancy between what some WordPress developers charge compared to others? Answering this question requires consideration for the reason behind why you want a website in the first place. Some developers focus on the literal final product: the combination of code that results in a pleasant enough website design. But developers with marketing savvy concern themselves with more than just building something that looks nice. They act as consultants to clients who are looking to accomplish specific goals with their websites. With this in mind, hiring someone to build a website who doesn&rsquo;t seem interested in/doesn&rsquo;t ask questions about your end goals is a red flag. It&rsquo;s important to call out the fact that even the most beautiful web design may not be ideal when it comes to getting visitors to convert into customers. That said, 94% of people judge your credibility based on your website&rsquo;s design. So, instead, you need to focus on using your design to offer the ideal user experience. You must make it easy for visitors to find the information they sought by visiting your website in the first place while guiding them towards goal conversion activities.10 things to do to secure your e-commerce website<img src=""><br />There&rsquo;s plenty you need to do to ensure your e-commerce store offers the best possible User Experience (UX). This means keeping WordPress and all other software up-to-date, optimizing your store, and of course, ensuring it&rsquo;s safe to use and secure. By safe to use, we mean making your best to protecting your customer&rsquo;s data. Also making sure nobody besides you or your team has access to your store&rsquo;s back end. For example, choosing the right web host goes a long way towards offering a secure e-commerce experience. However, that&rsquo;s just one of many factors. In this article, we&rsquo;re going to talk about why it&rsquo;s so important for your WordPress e-commerce site to be secure. We&rsquo;ll also walk you through eight ways to protect your ecommerce store. Let&rsquo;s get right to it! Why your WordPress e-commerce solution needs to be secure We often talk about how to keep something secure. Though we very rarely explain why it needs to be secure, and what the benefits are. You&rsquo;ve probably made a few online purchases yourself. If your payment information are leaked because an e-commerce store you use got hacked, you&rsquo;re not going to shop there again.Common WordPress Misconceptions and The Truth Behind Them<img src=""><br />Even though WordPress has been the top platform that deals with web development and management for years, there&rsquo;s still a surprising number of commonly accepted myths and misconceptions that people cling on to. Some of these misconceptions were, in some way, true at one point, but we&rsquo;ve since gone a long way to still take them seriously. To ease your mind into using WordPress, we&rsquo;ll debunk the five most common of these misconceptions and provide you with the truth of how things really stand now. WordPress is only for bloggers When WordPress first launched, it was intended for running blogs &ndash; that part is true. In the years since, however, it has evolved so much that it can run any type of site you can think of. As we&rsquo;ve already mentioned, it&rsquo;s the most widespread platform out there, and all of those users can&rsquo;t be only using it just for blogs. The reason WordPress has evolved from such a specific purpose beginning to a tool that encompasses so much more is its nature. Being an open-source program means it available for anyone to improve upon it, from which steams a virtually endless supply of plugins, widgets, themes, editors, etc. all of whichHow to Run Experiments On Your Site Using Google Optimize<img src=""><br />Running a smooth and fast website is no longer considered high-quality &ndash; it has become imperative. If your goal is to run a perfect website and correct errors quickly and efficiently, you will have to perform experiments frequently. There is a number of ways to do this, and developers usually prefer some techniques to others. However, one of the best and versatile testing methods is definitely Google Optimize. In this overview, we will present: What is Google Optimize How to access Google Optimize Different features of the program How to use it to run experiments What is Google Optimize? Optimize is Google&rsquo;s tool that enables you to learn more about the behavior of your visitors and to use the insight to optimize your website&rsquo;s performance. It&rsquo;s one of the most detailed solutions for analyzing the way your customers engage with your site. There are many other tools that do this too, but Google does it using their own tools (Analytics) and offers the service for free. By building their data on Google Analytics, you can use the stats that you have compiled so far to test the most important parts of your website and identify which ones are in need of urgent fixing.5 Steps to Migrating Your WordPress Site<img src=""><br />Is your website running slower than a puppy pulling a freight train? For first steps to remedy the situation, check out our blog post on Diagnosing a Slow WordPress Site. If your site is still running slow, it might be time to consider migrating your website to a new hosting provider. [0] =&gt; Survey Your Requirements When migrating your WordPress website and choosing your next host, some things worth considering are: What level of support you require via email, live chat, or phone Traffic Be cautious with budget hosts (typically, $8 per month) that advertise UNLIMITED bandwidth or traffic. While cheap vendors might be sufficient for small blogs, often several thousands of websites are being hosted on the same server, fighting over the same system resources, which can result in slower speeds for more complex websites. If your website is critical to your business success, it&rsquo;s best to go with a company that allocates service by visitor count and typically starts with pricing around $29 per month. Often, when choosing a host based on metered traffic, your website is hosted on faster servers with a minimum guarantee of system resources. Support While a 99.99% uptime guarantee isTop Custom Gutenberg Blocks You Can Add to WordPress<img src=""><br />One of the most promising aspects of the Gutenberg block editor is the ability to add your own custom blocks. They can consist of just about any type of formatted content or functionality you can imagine. And while you can certainly build your own custom blocks, sometimes that&rsquo;s a bit like reinventing the wheel. This is especially the case when you want to add a common element such as a testimonial, post listing or timeline. Most likely, these blocks already exist and can be easily added to your website. Since Gutenberg&rsquo;s inclusion in WordPress core, the developer community has released a number of different block plugins. Most tend to include a collection of blocks that could come in handy while building your site. Today, we&rsquo;ll introduce you to some of the top custom block collections available for WordPress. Let&rsquo;s get started! Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg includes 20+ custom blocks that cover a wide range of use cases. When it comes to layout, the Advanced Columns block lets you create a highly-customized multicolumn row. There are also blocks for adding Google Maps, icons, CTAs, post carousels and more. That&rsquo;s just scratching the surface of what thisBoost Your Video View With EA Sticky Video for Elementor [Free]<img src=""><br />EA Sticky Video lets you pin a video to a corner of your WordPress Website when your users scroll past it. That way your video stays visible to your readers all the time. Readers are highly reactive to boring and lengthy video content. If you have created a video for your WordPress website in the past you can relate to this. Along with creating a quality video you also need to make sure your presentation of the content is outstanding. And this is where EA Sticky Video for WordPress comes into play. It lets you keep your readers engaged in your web content. How Does EA Sticky Video Work? Videos are a widely used content type. They can be used independently as well as with other content types i.e. text content. Most of the time when we are embedding videos inside a blog, it is either to complement the text content or to cover a completely different aspect of the blog topic. But the problem with embedding videos inside blog content is, it is static and stays fixed to a certain position. Scrolling ahead of the video means, you no longer see the video. In order to continue watching the video, you have to scroll back up to the section where the video is placed. This is a problem as it killsWhat Are The Signs That You Need a New Website?<img src=""><br />In today&rsquo;s day and age, having a website is a basic requirement for every business, company, freelancer, or any other kind of professional. Your website can serve a multitude of purposes, from being strictly informational to a full-fledged online market for your products and services. Regardless of how big or small the role your website plays in your business or profession, having it is crucial if you want to be in any way successful at what you are doing. All of this isn&rsquo;t new knowledge; websites have had significant importance for years now, which also means a lot of companies, businesses, etc. had their sites built years ago. The good thing about websites is that they are usually pretty easy to expand in functionality and size, so they can be used for a number of years if the right adjustments are made to adhere to the advancement and growth of your business. But we must not forget that software and web development are ever advancing, and new technologies seem to be appearing on the market almost on a daily basis. There will come the point when your site and the technology it was built on won&rsquo;t be able to provide you with the most optimal performance regardless5 Reasons That Knowledge Base Reduce Support Work Load<img src=""><br />Before buying any online product, customers make general queries on support to know more details. But after having it, they need proper guidance to get over any technical issues. Also, getting the same queries that kill both the time and energy of the helpdesk team to reply to it back. It's especially most effective for Tech-savvy business. A well managed and organized Knowledge Base page will help you and your users to take an instant action to solve their problem. You just have to maintain your technical documentation page with updates to engage more users. It will eventually encourage them for self-servicing with advanced search. In Knowledge Base, you will get step by step guidelines of your arsing issues. It will consist of screenshots, video files, a brief text, and related content links. By this, your users can solve their problem immediately by following the instructions of each documentation. Here, you will learn about the 5 main reasons that you need a technical content site to reduce your support workload. 24/7 Support With Advanced Search Whenever customers feel any major or minor issues using your products, they will try to reach you out at that time. Even you have yourDiagnosing a Slow WordPress Site<img src=""><br />Sluggish Website So, your WordPress website is running slow? Back in 2014, the average user would wait up to five seconds for a website to load before abandoning your website. Just a few short years later, that number is now under three seconds. Failure to provide a fast experience for your customers will make a dramatic impact on your site&rsquo;s listing on Google searches, as well as turn off your visitors. So what do you do? Start by learning the importance of diagnosing a slow WordPress site. Website Speed Test First off, to know how slow your website truly is loading, it&rsquo;s best to get a baseline from multiple locations across the globe. A fantastic tool to test with is Pingdom Website Speed Test. Using a third-party service helps rule out personal hardware or local internet issues you might have, which will help you diagnose your slow WordPress site by pinpointing problems. Depending on your target audience&rsquo;s locality, it is best to run the Pingdom speed test from multiple testing locations relative to your target audience. Once it&rsquo;s been determined that your site&rsquo;s load speeds aren&rsquo;t just localized to you, there are a few easy steps you can makeAll in One SEO is Now Part of the Awesome Motive Family<img src=""><br />With over 2 million active installs, All in One SEO Pack is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins in the world. Today, I&rsquo;m extremely excited to share that All in One SEO plugin is joining the Awesome Motive family. Michael Torbert (founder of AIOSEO) has done a phenomenal job in building an amazing community over the last decade. Started in 2007, All in One SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin. I have known Michael for years and have a lot of respect for all that he has accomplished. As he wanted to pursue the next chapter of his life, we started discussing the future of All in One SEO plugin. Given our experience running a suite of popular WordPress plugins, All in One SEO was a perfect fit for our family of products. Who are we? Hi, my name is Syed Balkhi. I&rsquo;m the founder and CEO of Awesome Motive. We build amazing products that help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys. We&rsquo;re the team behind some of the most popular plugins and resources in the WordPress ecosystem: WPBeginner &ndash; the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners. OptinMonster &ndash; popular conversion optimization software that helps you convert abandoning visitorsPagely Security Updates: Jan 2020<img src=""><br />WordPress Security and Maintenance Releases: 5.2.4, 5.3.1, and 5.3.2 Pagely customers were spared issues from bugs introduced in the 5.3.0 release as, due to the proximity to the holidays, we didn&rsquo;t upgrade our customers to 5.3 until early January. All Pagely customers received security patches for vulnerabilities identified in WordPress Core before 5.2.4 for the 5.2 branch and 5.3.1 for the 5.3 branch. 4 vulnerabilities found in WordPress Core: Privilege Escalation (allowing any user to &ldquo;sticky&rdquo; a post) XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Stored in well-crafted links XSS in the Block Editor Improved Security/Sanitization on wp_kses_bad_protocol() Plugin/Theme Vulnerabilities of Note InfiniteWP and WP-Time-Capsule Two separate authentication bypass vulnerabilities were found in InfiniteWP and WP-Time-Capsule, both vulnerabilities were reported by WebARX: These vulnerabilities pose a critically high risk to any site owners running insecure versions of either plugin. The vulnerability allows malicious parties the ability to bypass authentication and get a valid administrator login session via making a single request to a site running either plugin. Links for more information:How to Make Money on Fiverr: Exact Steps I Took to Make $2-3k / Month<img src=""><br />How to make money on Fiverr &ndash; how I make $2,000-$3,000 each month I&rsquo;ve been on Fiverr since June 2015. I honestly wouldn&rsquo;t have even considered it if not for the guidance of my mentor and first big client when I started freelancing full-time. He&rsquo;d been using it to sell social media management packages that he eventually converted to long-term client relationships. With 4.5 years on the platform, I&rsquo;ve seen Fiverr grow from having a bad reputation that stemmed from making every order start at $5, to a diverse marketplace of talented individuals who have learned how to make money on Fiverr by charging according to their skills and experience. Between June 2015 and the date of this article&rsquo;s publication, there&rsquo;s been some variance in terms of how much work I&rsquo;ve actually done through the platform. But I never left completely or went on an extended break, always maintaining a consistent presence. It&rsquo;s this consistency that&rsquo;s helped me move up from one seller level to another. I&rsquo;m both a &ldquo;Top Rated Seller&rdquo; and a member of the Pro marketplace, which effectively puts me on the top of the totem pole for getting my GigsThe Complete Guide to WordPress Widgets: How to Use, Add, and Implement Them<img src=""><br />WordPress widgets are incredibly useful. They let you add all kinds of extra content to your website outside the body of the post or page itself, encouraging users to get information, follow links, or take action. In this post, I&rsquo;m going to show you everything you need to know about WordPress widgets. How to add them to your site, how to create widget areas to put them in, how to install plugins that give you more of them, how to code your own widgets, and lots more. First, let&rsquo;s start by identifying what WordPress widgets are. What are WordPress widgets? In WordPress, widgets are snippets of content that live outside the flow of the page or post content. Widgets contain information, navigation or media that is separate from an individual post or page. In most cases, each widget will be displayed on every page in the site, but you can also register widget areas for specific pages such as the home page. To add a widget to your site, you need to add it to a widget area. Widget areas are created by your theme because they relate to the design and layout of your site and not to functionality. Most WordPress themes have widget areas in the sidebar and footer, although some willTop 8 Travel Themes for WordPress<img src=""><br />If you&rsquo;ve been working on WordPress for some time now, you&rsquo;ve probably noticed that a lot of people are mentioning themes. It&rsquo;s because themes are essential in creating a professional-looking site or blog. They come with a set of features and theme-specific additions that will, in the long run, help you make your site stand out from the rest, which is exactly what we need, right? So, what is a WordPress theme? Basically, themes are made up of a bunch of templates that you can change up the way you want. Also, they can come with their own plugins and other features depending on the type of theme they are (traveler themes or let&rsquo;s say a photographer theme or just a simple blogger theme). I won&rsquo;t go into detail on how they work and how they are programmed, but you get the general idea for what they are used for, and you can only imagine how many themes are out there! Now, without further ado, let&rsquo;s buckle up and start our journey called &lsquo;Top 8 Travel Themes for WordPress&rsquo;! 1. CheerUp This premium theme is very simple to set up and is used in a lot of sites. The thing is that on every site, CheerUp looks different, which means that every siteHow to Translate an Elementor Site the Easy Way on WordPress<img src=""><br />Looking for a simple way to translate an Elementor site and go multilingual? Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders for a reason &ndash; it lets you use a visual, drag-and-drop interface to design beautiful content without requiring any special technical knowledge. You can create landing pages, popups, and even design your entire WordPress theme or WooCommerce shop with the premium version. One thing that you cannot do with the Elementor plugin, though, is offer your website in multiple languages. In this post, we&rsquo;ll show you how to fix that with TranslatePress, a WordPress translation plugin that follows the visual style of Elementor. Just like Elementor lets you design your content using a visual interface, TranslatePress lets you translate all of your Elementor content using a simple visual translation interface like this: All you do is click on the Elementor widget that you want to translate and you can edit its translation in the sidebar. Better yet, this method also works perfectly with Elementor Theme Builder and Popup Builder, as well as all of the other content on your WordPress site. Ready to learn how to set it up? Here&rsquo;s how to translate3 Design Tips for Call-to-Action Buttons<img src=""><br />Let&rsquo;s start by briefly defining what a call to action is. A call to action, commonly referred to as CTA, can describe any piece of content on your website that you want users to take action on. This could be a simple &ldquo;Read More&rdquo; link on a blog post or a large, stylized banner asking users to sign up for your newsletter or other service. Virtually every website and app has some type of CTA, and it&rsquo;s important to give them proper design considerations in order to make them as effective as possible. For the purpose of this article we&rsquo;ll focus specifically on design tips for call-to-action buttons. CTAs are important because without them you&rsquo;re leaving it up to users to find things they need (or worse, leave your website). Your aim should always be to reduce the cognitive load on users by making things simple and easy to execute. A successful CTA should be succinct, well-designed and accessible to users with a wide range of experience and abilities in order to maximize the amount of people who can see and interact with them. Now that we have a bit of a foundation, let&rsquo;s dive into ways you can maximize the effectiveness of your call-to-action buttons.