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Why you Shouldn’t Care About Google PageSpeed Insights

blog.wp-rocket.me | Jun. 17, 2015 | 8 min read

Is Google PageSpeed worth bothering with? You might be surprised at how misleading it can be.

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Chris Edwards

This was a good read. I have been in the SEO world for over 10 years, also do a lot of page speed optimization. I always hate how I will have a site loading at it's fastest, then, get a low score. I don't even use their chrome extension anymore due to this. I agree with the article, stick to tools like pingdom to check your actual speed, optimize your images and scripts taking too long to load, and get the speed down. That is all Google actually cares about in the long run. Use this article to show clients why they may not get an A+, Gold Star, Smiley Sticker, or whatever grade they are looking for with third-party tools.