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How much does a WordPress site really cost?

codeable.io | Jul. 6, 2015 | 12 min read

Good article, although I would always advocate having a lower starting point than get the client on the maintenance plan.

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Dale Reardon

I really liked the article and the process that site design should follow - I just disagree that off the shelf themes can't produce a good site as is. I think an intelligent business owner has a lot to gain by producing their site themselves if that is what funds require.


Alex Black

Depending on the functionality you want, prices start at ~$400–500.

I usually price $400 to create a simple WP theme and add from there.

The more things the client imposes like:

don’t create a theme, use this theme
use this plugin
use X
the more I charge.

If more complicated functionality is needed I create custom plugins and charge for them separately (in my spreadsheet where I calculate the final project price).

In terms of how I charge:

I ask for an upfront payment of 30% to see that the client is committed and the rest upon completion of the project.

Generally I use pay-pal or Upwork as invoice options.