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The Death of Blogging

fishbowl.pastiche.org | Jul. 8, 2015 | 8 min read

Some curious thoughts here. Are we done with blogs, what do you think?

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Juan Carlos Sánchez

Fully agree for end users, blogs are the content marketing tool for corporates, now and future

Rachel R. Vasquez

While I agree that a lot of people aren't putting much thought into their blogs aside from monetary value or marketing - I don't think it's dead or some other platforms have stolen from blogging. I think now we have several ways to share content aside from just long posts on a blog. Maybe what I need to share doesn't need a post, just a link and a few words, so Twitter would fit that. Some of these platforms even compliment blogs in that they draw traffic to them.

If anything with tools like WordPress.com, blogging is seeing even more of a rise because everyone wants to make a blog - just not everyone is capable of building one from scratch. And for those that don't always have enough content to share to consider blogging or depending on the type of content itself, Twitter/Tumblr etc. might be more appropriate.

Dale Reardon

As they say - the reports of my death are exaggerated!