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If you could fork and change WordPress what would you fix/remove/improve?

Aug. 10, 2015

If you ask me:

1) Performance first. Restructure code so that minimum of files are ran at each page load. Fix DB.
2) Up the minimum PHP version requirement. With 5.3 you already get namespaces.
3) Better UI
4) Better write post experience
5) Specialize - have for example a 'blog' version that removes all other unneccessay bloat

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Deleted Account

1) Proper multilingual management
2) Better search
3) Better page management
4) Taxonomy metadata
5) Media taxonomies

Ah and... REST API must be part of the core!

Pierre Mobian

Also IMHO, I second most of Benjamin's wishes.

1/ Better multilingual management
2/ Improved search - Elastic search is taking a shot at it ?
3/ Improved roles and users permissions, down to letting someone manage some media or some very specific sections of the site.

+1 on the "REST API must be part of the core", a heated debate in Sevilla ;-)


Donna Cavalier

1. Must be able to compete with the likes of Squarespace and Wix with amazing and beyond-easy front end page and post editing, where a fancy page with columns layout is more like using Publisher of old. That probably means dumping TinyMCE.
2. Better media management, with folders, etc. Look at any of the enhanced plugins for example.
3. Better menu and page management. Forget all attempts so far. For sites with thousands + pages, current capabilities are near worthless.
4. All in all, a renewed focus on users rather than tweaking what nerdy developers are interested in would be my prime focus.

Kyle Maurer

A better system for managing code dependencies but in all honesty, there are lots of brilliant people working hard to make a lot of these features exist in core. If I needed them badly enough I'd help the core team get them.

Not to belittle the discussion. I think it is a fun topic. That's just where I sit.

Neil Murray

I'd break the WordPress code into modules with the core providing only the ability to incorporate selected modules like CMS, Blog, Media, Custom Post Types etc.

David McCan

1. A Custom Post Type UI in core. So many sites have at least one CPT.
2. Easier syncing between sites (dev, test, production -- or moving a site). Relative URLs?
3. Front-end editor.
4. Improved roles and permissions.
5. Improved multilingual management.

David Owusu

1. An easy way to sync and update WordPress site on a live server from a development environment in real time
2. Better UI

Grant Palin

1. A modular system which allows enabling e.g. a blog component, media, links etc
2. Better editing experience - native markdown maybe
3. Post relationships
4. Hierarchical content management view for e.g. pages