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Bolt is WordPress done right(er)

symfony.fi | Aug. 14, 2015 | 9 min read

Really detailed article from a WordPress developer who suggests that "Bolt" (a new CMS) is WordPress done better. Anyone have experience with this at all?

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Tom Harrigan

Enjoyed reading this, shared it with my team, thanks for posting it :)

Vladimir Prelovac

Gonna try this for one of our engineering blogs

Pascal Birchler

I reviewed Bolt once earlier this year. While the code may be nice and all, the UI is just horrible. Plenty of clicks to insert images, a WYSIWYG editor that is far behind the competition, etc. Oh, and configuration is done via YAML files...

Mike Murray

Whatever the merits of Bolt and the shortcomings of Wordpress, I really hate when something starts with false bubblebee analogy, which isn't true of bubblebees, there is no scientific mystery to their flight. Likewise, there is no software mystery to how WordPress operates, the code is well documented and open. The article also uses too much hyperbole: WordPress isn't as praised as the author claims ("The future of the realtime web" -- Seriously, who thinks of WordPress as real time?) and it isn't as much of a failure as the author claims.

Still, always interested in new CMS, so I'll take a look into Bolt.

Neil Murray

Article lacks detail, is poorly written IMHO and includes very little justification of the claim make in the headline. I'll nevertheless be keen to look again at how Bolt is travelling in 12 months or so.

David McCan

There is no reason to rundown alternatives in order to promote your favorite.

Luka Petrovic

"Computer Scientists that studied the core code have concluded it is a miracle it works at all."
What Computer Scientists?
Stoped reading at that point, whatever this guy have to say it is not trustworthy.