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What's happening in your week?

Aug. 17, 2015

So folks what are you up to this week, any interesting projects, goals or events?

For me this week is about getting back into a routine and getting a few things out and off my desk, in particular I need to restart my newsletter which had a brief burst of activity a couple of months ago and then died. So I'm looking at how I can reduce the overheads, to make sure it's sustainable week to week.

What about you?

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Vladimir Prelovac

I usually have a big goal for the week (it is ManageWP Orion workflow for new users) and then every day I have a smaller goal (today it was kicking off discussion with the contributors for of the issue 1 of the WordPress print magazine :)

This way even if I just do that one thing I set myself for that day I go home happy with the feeling of accomplishment.

Donna Cavalier

Finish a nearly two-year-long project and get it off my plate! Today! The rest of the week? Have time to dig into new stuff.

Tim Nash

woot. Celebration tonight for you then!

Nemanja Aleksic

I guess that's like an itch that you finally got to scratch properly, congrats! :)

Nemanja Aleksic

I finally came to terms that I cannot handle the workload and need to bring someone aboard, so I'm working on optimizing the onboarding process.


I've just coded a dashboard widget to display EDD sales statistics with Google charts, so I am looking forward to extend it this week.

Ahmad Awais

Working on a premium theme, which is complete, putting it to different test at different screens, QA sessions all the way.

David Owusu

Yep! QA sessions all the way :)