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Would it make sense for support managewp.org through Patreon

Aug. 24, 2015

Patreon is a service that basically allows you to become a "patron" of a project. Used by many website, community projects etc to achieve sustainability.

It is similar to kickstarter but also different. Here is an example:


Now although majority of things on managewp.org are for free, there are a lot of things that require a lot of resource to further develop. News module, events and plugin module, mobile interface etc. Pledging support through Patreon may help evolve this community. Also if very successful could pay for moderator positions and ultimately for preparing the code for open-sourcing. These are just some examples of what the money would be used for, the entire project will remain strictly non-profit.

Just wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea, and would they support the project with say $1-$10/month?

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I think is a good idea to make this sustainable :)

Matt Cromwell

I support this idea, and we (WordImpress) would jump to be one of your first Patrons.

Matt Cromwell

I know the managewp.org platform is not run on WordPress. But if you just need a way to collect donations on a subscription model, Give can get it done for you if you created something like patrons.managewp.org . Of course, that is when we finalize Recurring Payments, which should be done by the end of September at the latest.

Ahmad Awais

I know I'd love to support ManageWP.org. I really like what you guys are doing here, and the way things work. I think we need to make ManageWP.org as big as ProductHunt for WP. At the end of the, it will help WordPress community.

Tim Nash

While Patreon is good on paper, as someone who has just closed their Patreon page the platform is appalling.

For some reasons why - timnash.co.uk/ending-the-use-of-patreon/

That said I'm not against the idea of pledges at all, just the platform.

M Asif Rahman ⓦ

Yes, community could support, but maybe don't use Patreon.com, there are WordPress solution for this type of need.

Vladimir Prelovac

Based on the amount of feedback I can just conclude that it is still (too) early for this step. Really appreciate the support from people who took a stance, gives this entire project a deeper meaning.