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Envato Licensing Malfunction

ultimatumtheme.com | Aug. 28, 2015 | 34 min read

Ultimatum is a GPL licensed theme that includes several premium plugins, including Visual Composer. They recently received a DMCA notice to remove VC. The article is long and somewhat difficult to follow, but this appears to be a situation of bureaucratic dysfunction.

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Interesting, didn't know that now you can't use VC or other plugins if you are not on Envato ( saw plenty of authors doing it outside ). Also I think UM is a bit wrong as well, they maybe had an extended license 2 years ago, however that doesn't mean GPL, when they say their theme is GPL and their theme bundles a plugin, that means that they gave that plugin under GPL rights, which I think is not ok ( not sure how they are delivering the plugins )

Ultimatum Theme

We do not give plugins under GPL. Ultimatum Core itself is GPL.

Sappy Jackson

Here is my website www.dreamocoupon.com/ can i use this GPL plugin? Can anyone suggest me?