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WP-Updates.com Sold to Unnamed Third Party - Down for Over 24 Hours

twitter.com | Sep. 19, 2015 | 1 min read

WP-Updates.com, a popular service used by theme and plugin authors to push updates automatically to their products, has been down since September 18th. In a tweet Dev7Studios, who made the service, said that they were no longer responsible for the service as it had been sold (they didn't bother to inform existing customers of this). They wouldn't say who it had been sold to however as apparently that was a condition of the sale. Right now, the website for wp-updates as well as the service is down, and there has been on communication regarding what is going on.

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Robby McCullough

Whoa! At first glance, that seems quite slimy. Hope there's a happy ending to this story..

Benjamin Bradley

Uber crappy way to treat customers.

Benjamin Bradley

Looks like the site is back up... but the Terms of Service still states that Dev7Studios is in control... yet they claim on twitter that they have no control over anything. So even if the "terms of the sale" said not to announce who bought the site, the acquiring company can't just leave the old ToS up on the site, because that legally means Dev7Studios is still "on the hook" legally.


Looks like a pretty bad move. I'm happy I'm not a customer ;)

Tom Hemsley

wp-updates.com is down for me.

Does anyone know anything? Is it coming back?

Jack Slingerland

If you are looking for an alternative to wp-updates.com, check out kernl.us

Everything is secured via HTTPs. Manual and CI upload support + purchase code validation. Lots more to come too.

Christopher Joseph Wood

I think anyone and everyone should avoid ALL Dev7 Studios products. I expect they may sell other products to "secret" new parties leaving you hanging. AVOID ALL of the following:

Ideal Imag Slider WordPress Plugin
Nivo Lightbox WordPress Plugin
Custom Emails WordPRess Plugin
carouFredSel SowrdPress Plugin
Showcase WordPress Plugin
Nivo Slider WordPress Plugin