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Speed Up WordPress - How I Went From 1.52s to 372ms

brianjackson.io | Sep. 22, 2015 | 8 min read

Find out how Brian Jackon sped up his WP site!

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James Montgomery

Really great tips, though I wish there were some more relative metrics that could give a better idea of how the individual tactic affected speed - like the 250ms from just switching themes. Definitely adds weight to the reasons to switch to WP Rocket though :)

Brian Jackson

Hey James... sorry that post was not as organized as I usually am. The 250ms from switching themes was achieved primarily because of less HTTP requests. As you can see there were a lot of 3rd party plugins I had to run with my ThemeForest theme which I was able to get rid of with MTS. A big problem with 3rd party plugins is that they sometimes call their javascript/css on every single page of the site, even if they aren't needed to load.

And yes, minification and concatenation setup properly can work wonders. WP Rocket does a good job with that.

James Montgomery

Killing off HTTP requests is definitely a great way to ease the load on your site. I like using Plugin Organizer to prevent plugins from loading on pages they shouldn't. And I'm usually pretty wary about minification and concatenation - some plugin and theme authors use shorthand notation that breaks when whitespace is removed. Just a thought.

jacob mts

the link to the page leads to a 404 error