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What do you think about category names on ManageWP.org?

Oct. 23, 2013

I am thinking that Articles is too broad. And it seems we are missing "Dev" category for content related to WordPress development.

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James Mowery

I agree, and was just thinking this an hour ago. Another thing is that I confuse "Articles" and "Business". It's not at all clear what "Business" is meant for.

"News" could replace "Articles".
"Development" should be added, because I found myself just today wondering if I should put an article specifically about coding plugins as "Plugins" or "Articles".
"Business" doesn't really seem to be a good fit, because "Articles" and "Business" seem very closely related. I'd drop "Business" and replace it with "Development".

Shrinivas Naik

It would be nice if we get 'development' section over here at managewp.org. I agree with you James..

Michelle Oznowicz

In my humble opinion, "News" can also be problematic because it is broad. I've been hemming and hawing over this stuff as well.

Currently we divide our content on Torquemag.io between 5 verticals: "News," "Business," Community," "Dev" and "Create." Here's my experience with that (so far):

"Business," "Community," and "Dev" are solid categories as far as I'm concerned. Most "News" could fall into one of these. "Create" causes some head-scratching because I'm combining articles about Design, Content, Innovation, and Education (which are very different things!). And then sometimes Education seems to better belong in the "Community" category, but I don't want to split one topic between two categories...

That said, I'm tempted to suggest that you allow content to be submitted to more than one category, and then offer individual rankings for all of the categories - as well as rankings for all of the content. How you would avoid double-voting I'm not sure... Now, after all of this you would have a much more complicated site!

Hope this helps. I'm interested to see how these thoughts evolve :)

James Mowery

Nice suggestions. I thought about "Community" replacing "Articles". However, having a "Community" section within a community website seems paradoxical.

Looking at how it's applied over at Torque, I see that most of the articles under "Business" are what I would classify here at ManageWP.org under the "Tutorials" section. So there's a lot of overlap.

I agree that the "Create" category could be very confusing.

Here's how I envision it in the end:
— Articles/News(covering WordPress-related news, events, community updates, and announcements)
— Plugins (content where the discussion focuses on individual or multiple plugins)
— Themes (content where the discussion focuses on individual or multiple themes)
— Development (content that focuses on programming, hacking, web dev, web design)
— Tutorials (content that focuses on how-to, training, tips)

Vladimir Prelovac

News category on a news aggregator site also sounds a bit confusing at least to me. Perhaps "Reports" or "Announcements"?

It seems there is space for "Reviews" or "Stories" as well.

I would not like to increase the number of categories though. Perhaps merging Plugins and Themes into one - "Addons" or simply "Plugins&Themes".

Looking at the submitted content I do not see a lot of posts for Development category. Most of it is already in Tutorials.

"Business" is good and I like what is ending up there.

Nicola Ballotta

I agree, a Dev category is a must have and maybe could replace the Tutorial category. I can't understand the Article category, too general.