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How we use PhpStorm for WordPress Development

deliciousbrains.com | Oct. 1, 2015 | 8 min read

Every member of the team here does their coding in PhpStorm. They love it. I'm the only holdout still clinging to Sublime Text, but Iain's article this week does tempt me to make the switch. The code sniffing, hook code completion, and hook navigation are all very impressive and not available in Sublime Text as far as I know. Check it out...

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David McCan

JetBrains is changing the licensing to a subscription model. I've owned and used IntelliJ IDEA before. There was a lot of setup and I tend to bounce between projects a lot. I've been getting into Atom and am liking it so far.


I vote for Codelobster. It has special plug-in for WordPress development: www.codelobster.com/wordpress.html