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Why I'm shifting my entire personal blog to Medium

thenextweb.com | Oct. 9, 2015 | 5 min read

Medium is hitting a lot of right buttons. Also shows you dont need themes to run a blog.

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Matt Cromwell

"..but I’m now convinced that [Medium] is worth embracing because the way it works as a platform and social network ultimately means your work gets in front of more people."

Sounds more like he's talking about WordPress.com !

Jake Jackson

I must admit Medium's entire writing experience is amazing. WordPress really needs to up it's game in that department. We need a live preview, or better yet a front-end editor.

Ahmad Awais

Medium is a good platform, but I am not ready yet to accept it even for my personal life-event blogging. Though sometimes, I syndicate stuff.

Kristi Hines

I love Medium's platform, but I would never trust any hosted solution over having my content on my own domain. You just never know what is going to survive in the long run.


Great write up. I actually have it too, just haven't written on it. Plan to still have my main blogs on WordPress, but I'll write articles I feel are better written or have a greater appeal on Medium. Most of my WP blogs are niche writings.