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AMA With Pippin Williamson, This Wednesday (14th Oct)

Oct. 12, 2015

Hey everyone, I hope your week's started well!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up, our next ama will take place this Wednesday with Pippin Williamson.

Pippin is probably best known as the founder of numerous plugins such as easydigitaldownloads.com/, affiliatewp.com/ and Restrict Content Pro. (To name just a few!)

He began building his business while he was a sophomore in college, more then six years ago and in 2013 his company reported around $360,000 in revenue. In 2014, they more then doubled that with over $782,000. (He did a great write up about this at pippinsplugins.com/2014-review/)

He's spoken at numerous WordCamps and has a great resource for WordPress plugin developers at pippinsplugins.com/

Next week (21st Oct) our guest will be Adii Pienaar founder of receiptful.com/ and co-founder of woothemes.com

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James Montgomery

Can't wait! Pippin's plugins are what we often look up to when we build ours. 'What would Pippin do'. Now we can ask the man himself :)

Ryan Love

WWPD - Love it.

We should get some shirts printed up!!

Pippin Williamson

It's up: managewp.org/articles/10954/i-m-pippin-williamson-founder-of-numerous-plugins-a-reviewer-for-wordpress-org-plugins-a-cyclist-and-avid-craft-beer-lover-ask-me-anything

Ask me anything!

zapata moraliss

Can't wait

Stella Stone

I'm a big fan of the stage and get my very own great deal WordPress news specifically there. They've done some awesome AMA's with people like Tom McFarlin, Rachel Carden, Josh Pollock, Pippin Williamson and more. www.essayclick.co.uk/