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The day I asked Matt Mullenweg (WP founder) for 100.000 USD

modeling-languages.com | Oct. 15, 2015 | 7 min read

I'm trying to push the idea that WordPress Foundation should fund researchers to work on research challenges relevant to the WordPress community (which includes adapting research prototypes/techniques to be applicable on the WordPress code/environment). This is something that other companies like Google, IBM or Microsoft have been doing for a long time. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this

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Vladimir Prelovac

Love this Jordi!

Ar┼źnas Liuiza

Well, at least you got an answer :D

Vova Feldman

This is hilarious :)

Matt Cromwell

International standards for currency always throw me... I thought you were funding a grad student with $100.00!! Glad that's not the case. I particularly like this response from Matt:
"Involve other core members of the WordPress community and ask them to contribute and validate/endorse the proposal" -- that to me says he doesn't want to take on "pet projects". Just because he has the ability to fund whatever he wants, doesn't mean that's good for him or the Foundation or anything else. Instead, he wants your idea to get validated through the Core Team first, so that as many people as possible are excited about it and believe the investment is well worth it.

One idea that I might be able to help you with, is doing some crowdfunding. We'd love to chat about how you could leverage Give (https://givewp.com) to raise the funds you need from the WP Community at large.

Ahmad Awais

Things suggested by Matt are clear indicators of just how important it is to validate your ideas. Community matters a lot. That's how we build feature plugins which end up in the core.