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How We Lost $30,000 Over 6 Months - Transparency Report #8

codeinwp.com | Oct. 15, 2015 | 13 min read

Codeinwp share their latest figures and also talk quite in depth about where the see the theme marketplace. I always love reading these transparency reports. Well worth a read if you're thinking of getting into developing themes.

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Elliot (Raison)

Having just read the Chris Lema article about the problems of sharing rev data, I'm not 100% sure to make of this..


Hey Elliot,

Chris has some good points there, however he and most of the people writing on the subject think probably just about US, our company revenue data is publicly displayed anyway on the government website ( and others who get the info ), the only thing is that is displayed with a 1 year delay, so either if we say it or not, the data is there and is public, at least for us :).

So I would rather share it myself and help other fellow entrepreneurs to get a better idea about the potential/ market size. Of course our reports are not about the revenue, this is just 1 line of text, more important are the learnings, thoughts that we share with others.