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Plugin developers: are there hosts that give you fits?

Oct. 27, 2015

I'm the maintainer of the Seamless Donations plugin, which requires some minor special-case behavior from hosts, like the ability to execute a PHP file and get a result (PayPal uses this to confirm payment). Anyway, I've found that some users seem to have inordinate problems getting stuff to work, and while it's always possible it's my code, it also seems to be host related.

Today's experience was with a user using Yahoo hosting (yeah, I know). They, apparently, don't allow for any .htaccess modifications, not that I require it. But I realized that some hosts may have some really challenging restrictions.

So, plugin developers: are there hosting providers that make life difficult? Which are your most challenging? This would help me (and probably you) when getting a support request. A quick "what host are you using" could indicate if we need to take a deep dive into our code, or just know the host is making life hell.


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Vova Feldman

In our case, the plugin requires connectivity to our API. Some hosting companies incorporate firewalls that block the connectivity. We are seeing issues with the following:

(1) World4You (it's a German company, quite popular in Europe. It's using Squid ACL);

(2) AWS (we still didn't figure out what's the problem here);