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Introducing the new Pro category

Oct. 29, 2015

As discussed in length previously managewp.org/articles/11009/shall-we-allow-posts-that-are-not-strictly-wordpress-related

we are introducing the new Pro category.

The purpose of this category is to open our reach a little bit without losing our identity as the go-to place for exploring the WordPress ecosystem.

Basically the articles submitted to the new Pro category should answer a simple question: Does this article help a WordPress professional?

This means that the article falls under one of the categories we already have (Development, Security, Business, Community... ) just is not strictly related to WordPress, yet it would have an application in the WordPress (professional) world.

Vova Feldman gave a great example:

"For instance, an article about coding practices in Java is not relevant for MWP. Having said that, a cover of PHP7 upcoming features is very relevant, even if WordPress is not mentioned at all in the post. "

We are going to be super careful and super selective about the content here and I wouldn't be able to do this without the help of two new moderators:

Tom Harrigan managewp.org/members/884/tom-harrigan
and Jason Resnick managewp.org/members/3251/jason-resnick

Tom is the most influential person on managewp.org according to our statistics managewp.org/members so I beleive we will be in good hands.

And finally take a peek at the new Pro category:


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Jason Resnick

Thanks Vlad. I'm honored to be a part of this. I've been reading ManageWP articles for a long time and I'm a firm believer in the value provided to the community.

I think that the Pro category will play a big role in providing a window into other aspects of things that can and will affect all of us in the WordPress space.

Ryan Love

Great stuff!

Thanks Vlad, Tom and Jason for stepping up and doing the moderating.

I think it's right to start with the simple question "Does this article help a WordPress professional?"

The question can always be tweaked if too many articles are slipping through and the community is losing it's "WordPress identity / focus"

Jason Resnick

:thumbsup: Ryan

I think if that's going to happen, it'll happen with business-y articles. Coding like PHP vs Java is an easy spot. But where the gray area is if there's an article that comes in about the freelancing space. That sort of thing could apply to WP, but may not be great for the community. Obviously we'll have to see.

James Montgomery

Awesome! I think extending the scope to include a bit of other relevant content is going to be super helpful.

Ahmad Awais

Thanks! Vlad and team.

Let me know, if you guys end up needing another moderator with Asian timezone :).

Let's hope for the best.

Tom Harrigan

Thanks! Very happy for the opportunity to be more active in this community and looking forward to all of the great new content that'll be shared as a result of the new category :)

Robby McCullough

Welcome to the two new mods! Thanks guys.

I like the pro category idea a lot. Looking forward to keeping an eye on it!

Vova Feldman

Nice! Looking forward to see if / how it will be adopted by the community.


Looking forward to see where that will go!
Community news, is a nice idea but also a bit hard where it goes at.