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Theme.cloud launches. Themecloud.io not happy

twitter.com | Nov. 18, 2015 | 1 min read

It looks like that they never really checked, I doubt someone would do this on purpose

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Vladimir Prelovac

I welcome all themecloud.io employees and friends to this community :)

Laurent Vergnaud

Thank you Vladimir! We are coming here more and more often actually :)

Benjamin Bradley

Well to be fair themecloud.com (which is ALSO owned by the same group and redirects to theme.cloud) was registered back in 2008. And the themecloud.io only was registered in 2014. So maybe themecloud.io didn't do their research to see who owned the top level domains. I think there may be more than has been unsaid in this situation.

Deleted Account

My understanding is that registration of a domain without use in commerce means nothing. What means something is actually using the mark in commerce like themecloud.io has been.

But I see on archive.org that themecloud.com was actually used, apparently by an affiliate marketer. I assume EIG bought it from them so in that case I imagine EIG would would have a real claim to the mark: web.archive.org/web/20100608193007/www.themecloud.com/

And in related news, here's another "Theme Cloud": flippa.com/3294861-100-automated-adsense-templates-and-hosting-reseller-pr-2-website. I think that makes four now so either lots of people are going to lose or it will be treated as generic. ;)