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Will update plugins for money!

Nov. 20, 2015

The title is a bit misleading sorry for that.

I recently got the "WordPress 4.4 is imminent. Are your plugins ready?" email. A nice reminder that immediately puts me to depression - because I have 27 plugins in the repository.

Imagine if it took you just 10 minutes to test each one, and update the readme text, we are talking about 5 hours of time (!) to do something as simple and as mundane.

What if there was a service out there that would do this for you. I would pay for it. Or even better an automated service where you just enter the plugin names, it automatically runs them on the newest WordPress (checking the error log, if it breaks the site/admin etc), updates the readme and given you trust it even commits this for you all in about 2 minutes.

Just thinking out loud.

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Nemanja Aleksic

What would be the realistic fee for this service?

What would happen if one encounters a problem that requires extensive troubleshooting?

Interesting idea, tho. I'd love to see it come to life.

Ahmad Awais

You can still do it. Try Travis continuous integration API. Host your plugins at GitHub, test with the latest WP and then push from GitHub to W.org.

Marko Heijnen

I have had talks about it in the last couple of months and I will put some efforts in it. I'm still wondering about the fee myself. Most plugins are free and people don't want to spent money on it. So I could see different plans for this.

Travis is one way to go but it's only one step. It doesn't have to have full coverage and because of that could still break things. I think something in combination of what P3 profiler does would be great. To visit several kinds of pages and see if there are errors reported. See what the speed is and if it got different during versions.

Vladimir Prelovac

I think I'd pay $50 to get 25 plugins tested, readied and committed. So $2 per plugin.

Marko Heijnen

I will keep that in mind ;)


The [insert country name we all know which one] devs over at the freelance sites will do it for $2 in total :)

Marko Heijnen

You have certainly a good point. But it's also about quality and assurance that the job actually has been done. An automated service would be awesome to have to quickly scan for possible issues.