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AMA with Matt Danner, COO at iThemes this Tuesday (24th Nov)

Nov. 23, 2015

Hey all, just to give you a heads up for the AMA taking place next week, which will be on a Tuesday this week, (24th Nov) and start 8AM Central Time.

Our guest on Tuesday will be Matt Danner, Chief Operating Officer at iThemes, which is behind an impressive range of products and training such as,

- BackupBuddy - The original WordPress backup plugin
- iThemes Security Pro - Makes it easy to secure & protect your WordPress site
- iThemes Sync – Helps manage updates for your WordPress sites all in one place
- iThemes Exchange – An easy to use WordPress ecommerce plugin
- iThemes Builder – Helps people build and design WordPress sites quickly and easily with a DIY WordPress theme framework
- iThemes Training – Has over 500 hours of professional WordPress video training

Matt started working at iThemes in 2009 answering sales emails! After a few months he realised “I loved developing and solving problems, and decided I wanted to do theme development”.

He spent his spare time (and even dropped out of college) to learn everything he could about web development and eventually he started developing the front end for all the themes that were released on iThemes. After two years of being with iThemes, he was named Chief Operating Officer, a role that he's now had for the last four years.

You can learn more about Matt and what he's up to, at mattdanner.net/blog/ and twitter.com/mattdanner. Or you can check out ithemes.com

Our guest next week (Wednesday 02/12/2015) will be the guy Matt calls boss! Cory Miller, Founder and CEO of iThemes.

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