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WordPress User Behavior Research: How People Choose Plugins - CreativeMinds Blog

cminds.com | Nov. 29, 2015 | 16 min read

How do WordPress users choose plugins? To answer this question, we created a survey asking users what they find important in plugins Here are the results.

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Dave Warfel

Great research. I really appreciate your time putting it together.

I know you mentioned the main mediums you used to find users to take the survey, but you didn't go into detail on HOW you promoted it.

With less than 20% of respondents being business owners/website managers, do you think this is indicative of the WordPress community at-large? In other words, of the 25% of the top 10 million sites using WordPress, do you think 81% of those sites are managed by developers?

David Rashty

Our sample size is small (100). We used mostly social media tools to promote the survey. We didn't pay for responders (did not use tools like Amazon Turk or similar) so all together the answers are from users who volunteered to answer
I can not say that this is an exact reflection of the WordPress users community. At a such small sample of 100 people this can only provide us some initial indications. I think a much larger sample (maybe X10) is needed to turn this into something more scientific. But still saying all that, the results are interesting and give some indication to what users think