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How to Achieve a Google PageSpeed Score of 90% or Higher with Your WordPress Website - WP Mayor

wpmayor.com | Jan. 14, 2016 | 12 min read

WP Mayor goes through two major speed measurement standards - Google Page Speed Insights and GTmetrix, the factor they both consider when assessing and benchmarking websites and the best practices to improve them in your WordPress-based website.

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Nice One, Thanks for sharing this ;)

Dipak C. Gajjar Ⓦ

I use ‘WP Performance Score Booster‘ and ‘WP Super Minify‘ WordPress plugins which does the most of the things mentioned in this article, and helps to achieve high performance scores in Google PageSpeed. GTMetrix, Pingdom etc…

Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch')

The only problem is, I've done all of those things before and not achieved a score of 90%. Even with WP Performance Score Booster, which is a good plugin, though you can't use it together with WP Rocket.