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Whom would you like to see in the next AMA?

Jan. 22, 2016

Last year we started doing AMA sessions with prominent folks in the WordPress community and I think this absolutely rocked. If you missed these check this link:


I think it is now time to continue these! So, lets get started with a simple question.

Whom would you like to see in the upcoming AMAs?

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Matt Cromwell

Have we had someone from WooCommerce yet? Would love to hear more about their near-future plans for developing the platform further.

Or maybe to change it up a bit have someone like Marie Dodson from Torque or Sarah Gooding or Jeff Chandler to talk about writing about WP in general. Staying informed, making connections...

Or anyone who has a really ground-breaking new plugin that's really successful at the moment. Beaver Builder guys, CalderaWP, FooPlugins... there's some good ones worth chatting about.

Nemanja Aleksic

We had Adii Pienaar, but he's former WooCommerce. Mark Forrester and Magnus Jepson are now running the show, it should be interesting to hear about the future.

Ryan Love

I'll second all of Matt's suggestions. In particular Josh Pollock and Sarah Gooding. Oh and would be great to hear from someone on the WooCommerce team. (So basically all of Matt's suggestions!!)

In fact Matt himself would be great, or someone from the WordImpress team.

Would also be great to hear from some of the core contributors to WordPress and the WP REST API. Perhaps Rachel Baker (twitter.com/rachelbaker)

Or maybe a member or two from here, such as the WP Rocket team, or Codeinwp.

Troy Dean of wpelevation.com/blog/ would be great. He's all about helping "WordPress consulting business get to the next level." Would be great to pick his brain.

Ahmad Awais

Jean from WP Rocket Team, Inout from CodeInWP, Josh Pollock, Matt Cromwell ;).

Juan Carlos Sánchez

All suggestion are perfect, fully agree with all of them. but at then, it is interesting to know more about woocommerce's plan and in the same way, Nick Roach from Eleganttheme will be great.

Ryan Love

Second Nick Roach!

David McCan

ET made a major shift, announcing a new theme and then putting it on hold to work on a common core. They took a lot of heat for it, but it seems to have paid off. It would be interesting to get a behind the scenes view of what they went through and lessons learned. They are definitely a WordPress success story.

Jason Resnick

Looks like Josh is pretty popular :) - we just had him on WP Dev Table and it was a fantastic show.

I'd love to see someone like Shane Pearlman or Tom Wilmot. Someone that is a prominent figure in WP, yet you don't often see them.

Borek Bernard

Brad Touesnard, Matt Cromwell, Matt Mullenweg :-)

AMAs are great!

Kyle Maurer

Definitely Andrea Middleton! I know there's a loooooot of people who'd have questions for her. Others who would be especially interesting:
- Chris Coyier
- John Eckman
- Jake Goldman
- Brian Krogsgard
- John James Jacoby
- Jen Mylo

Those are just a few off the top of my head who have been around a long time, are involved in some amazing things and have some very very compelling stuff to share.

Ryan Love

James Farmer of Incsub would be great to hear from as well.


James Farmer and Nick from ET would be great to hear.

Nemanja Aleksic

I'd like to see Mike Little on the AMA. I could probably use up the whole AMA with my questions :)

Julia Nimchynska

Jean Galea :)