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Should Duplicate News Posts be Moderated on ManageWP.org?

Feb. 11, 2016

I'm wondering how valuable it is to have so many posts here from WPTavern that are merely news about another post. Often, the Tavern is reporting something that is reported elsewhere first. For example, right now there's two articles about the Underscores Components release, one that is the actual release announcement from ThemeShaper, and one from WPTavern linking to the ThemeShaper announcement.

But it's not just Tavern. If Torque reported it and WPMUDEV as well, would we then have 4 posts essentially about the same thing?

I know there's virtually no way to automate that kind of moderation, but I thought it was a question worth raising for this ever evolving and very valuable platform.

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Nemanja Aleksic

In a perfect world, ThemeShaper would be the "parent" article, and WP Tavern and Torque being "child" articles.

This way you can expand the initial article with reactions and opposing views, which is the fun part. The less fun part would be the one you mentioned: clutter reduction.

Dave Warfel

Matt -- Thanks for bringing up this issue. It's one I've had floating around in my head recently as well.

In most cases (but not all), I prefer to read the original source. And I often find it redundant to see 3-4 articles about the same topic. There are, however, two variables that can make a follow-up article more valuable, in my opinion:

1. The author -- The follow-up author might just be a better writer, researcher or explanationist. They might add additional information or insights that the original article left out. They could also do some analysis that the original author didn't think to do.

2. Comments -- Blogs like the Tavern are known for generating feedback in the form of comments. A lesser-known blog without the community that the Tavern has, might get far fewer comments. But on the Tavern, a full-on discussion ensues with industry-leading experts on the topic. These are valuable and should not be overlooked.

Matt, as you pointed out, there's virtually no way to automate this kind of thing. I think the way we manage this sort of duplication is two-fold:

1. Voting -- If a follow-up article is posted, and you DON'T find it all that valuable, or it doesn't add any new perspective to the story, don't vote for it. This should help keep the original (or better) article near the top. -- On that note, we choose which stories we decide to read, right? Let's use the vote count to influence our decisions.

2. Responsible sharing -- The community at-large needs to get behind this for it to work, but... don't share something if it's just a repeat article that's already been shared. This is the more idealistic approach, and will likely not improve much, but just something we all need to keep in mind.

Example: When Calypso was released, there were probably 10-15 stories shared over the course of several weeks. WordPress.com had their "official" articles, but many others provided just as much, if not more value (depending on the reader's interests).

Vladimir -- I'm wondering if the flagging system could be utilized at all here? -- Also, I'm assuming your algorithm takes into account the sharer's karma, so in a sense, the more respected & active members in the community should have their articles weighted more favorably than others. In a small way, this addresses the issue of sharing non-valuable follow-up stories.

Vladimir Prelovac

Yes, that's what the "Duplicate content' flag is for. If the duplicate article brings no original value (like deeper analysis or value in terms of discussion in the comments) than I feel it should be flagged and removed.

Ahmad Awais

I thought about it before sharing the ThemeShaper article. The number of votes is how I believe we should judge stuff like this. It's not a duplicate content issue.

See, Jeff sometimes does an exceptional job at writing about a product.

Having to read about a particular product from WPTavern provides you with a different perspective as compared to what you might perceive from the landing page of that product and from the blog post about that product from the developers themselves.

But, I'd love to see all three of them here. Anyone of them would be more my speed. Maybe a beginner would want to read WPTavern's take on some advanced developers' related product. But devs would want to directly jump into the official docs/GitHub.

Mark Root-Wiley

+1 for parent/child. -1 for complete removal of "duplicate" articles. As mentioned, they *sometimes* include useful analysis, quotes from the author, etc. that add important context.