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Proposal: Increase the default image compression in WordPress

make.wordpress.org | Feb. 22, 2016 | 4 min read

When an image is uploaded to WordPress via the media manager the default image quality setting is 90. Joe McGill suggests changing that to 82 since page load speed is such an important metric.

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Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Yes please! There's no reason for WordPress to compression people's images.

Dave Warfel

Scott, you might have misread the post. I think they are talking about compressing images even further by default (82 quality), but providing a filter to allow you to change it back to 90.

And WordPress DOES NOT compress your original image; only the additional sizes (small, medium, large, thumbnail) that it creates for you.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Ah, yes I did misread it. I think that's the wrong direction then. It needs to stop compressing at all. The quality of the compressed images is simply too poor.