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Harness the Power of WP-CLI to Manage WordPress Sites

keycdn.com | Mar. 3, 2016 | 9 min read

WordPress is known for being very user friendly. But what about for developers? WP-CLI might just be your new best friend.

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Tom Zsomborgi

Another actionable tutorial Brian!

Brian Jackson

Thanks Tom!

Vladimir Prelovac

It's a great intro to WP Cli but I disagree with the premise that wp cli is much more powerful than ManageWP :) It is like saying that shell is more powerful than iOS.

If you need to send a client report, monitor your website performance or security or perform a clone of your website you will turn to a tool like ManageWP for the job.

Both tools are powerful for their own use, one is geared more toward developers and the other towards professionals using WordPress.

Mark Gavalda

I can relate to that, there is a difference between setting up a(n otherwise excellent) $10 DigitalOcean server for your WordPress site because you know how to and enjoy "fighting" Linux via command line, and using a high quality managed hosting service so it's taken care of for you... :)

Brian Jackson

I definitely agree Vladimir. I think WP-CLI is very powerful for developers, but there are definitely things that ManageWP offers that you can't do in WP-CLI. But that's the great thing about WordPress, you have the dev crowd and then you have the business owners/marketers who rely on tools like ManageWP on a daily basis.

I actually wrote that post, I have updated that sentence now to hopefully reflect that a little better :) Thanks for your comment.