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No Referral Traffic From ManageWP.org?

Mar. 22, 2016

Guys, if you have contents in ManageWP.org, could you please check your Referral Traffic Statistics? Google Analytics or any other platform you use.

I suddenly noticed none of the analytics platform show managewp.org as traffic sourcse. I remember seeing it in past, but now its absolutely zero. I check in several site and stat from last month too, all zero.

One other co-founder contacted me, saying one content from his site got popular in ManageWP.org, , so he expected a lot traffic from ManageWP.org, but when he checked Google Analytics, he sees absolutely nothing. I was shocked, It could be little less, but how come zero?

I contacted ManageWP team already, Vladimir is in the loop, but we need more data, so please take time, check your Analytics, and share your findings in Traffic Source or Referral.

Note: This is mainly if you have contents from your site in ManageWP.org, and you expect to get traffic from ManageWP.org. If you don't want, you don't have to share exact number, just share your findings in comments. And please check now, don't rely on what you seen in past.

Thank you.

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Mark Gavalda

I just checked, it works fine for us even today and can't see any significant discrepancies in the near past either.


Is the co-founder's website using https?
Add Meta Referrer Tag could solve this problem.
A few days ago I tried to remove referrer restrictions from a client's website and encountered similar situation.

Jason Resnick

I am seeing traffic over the past month from managewp.org.

However towards the end of January, I noticed my Search Queries on GA dropped off the cliff. Not sure what happened there since when it happened there wasn't any change to happen on my site. I haven't really looked into it though, but it also hasn't come back either :(.

Omaar Osmaan

Just checked- I can see it on GA for referrer. And both my sites are on HTTPS.

M Asif Rahman Ⓦ

My blog is also in HTTPS, but the others sites are not, and I am not seeing any referral at all.

So, for those you see it's working, did you implemented "Add Meta Referrer Tag"? What are you using as "content"?


I visited you blog by click link on profile page, Google Tag Assistant shows the correct referral.
Browser would not send referrer from https to http.
By "Add Meta Referrer Tag" I mean add the meta tag to managewp.org.

Jason Resnick

I don't have that meta tag on my site and getting traffic within the past month.

Ahmad Awais

I am getting the referral traffic. No issues so far.