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Super Emoji Plus+ WordPress Plugin (Beta)

ericandrewlewis.com | May. 2, 2016 | 2 min read

This plugin might be the answer to some prayers if you’ve been looking for an easy to insert emoji into content.

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Ahmad Awais

Nice plugin but do you know that on Mac all you need is ⌘(COMMAND) + ⌥(ALT) + SPACE to get the same Emoji box through your OS.

Dipak C. Gajjar Ⓦ

Hi Ahmad,

It should be Ctrl (CONTROL) + ⌘ (COMMAND) + SPACE, not ⌘(COMMAND) + ⌥(ALT) + SPACE.

or that's me only?

Ahmad Awais

Exactly, I wrote the wrong one :P It's ⌃ Ctrl (CONTROL) not Alt.