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A New WordPress Performance & Security Testing Service

wordpress.inspector.io | May. 4, 2016 | 1 min read

This is a new WordPress Performance & Security Testing Service. Take a look, try any WordPress site you want, report is very interest, and very much WordPress centric.

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Knut Sparhell

Nice initiative, but who is running this? Why does it want my email?
It seems a bit buggy when it comes to detecting plugins and versions.

M Asif Rahman Ⓦ

Don't know, when I first seen the email form, I thought they will send the report in email, but then realized its just collecting mail, and showing the report in page, so you could basically give any email address and see the report if you are concern about spam. They should have made it optional or show the email optin option separately.

Jordi Cabot

Funny that when using on WPMayor (example they put in their own website, I just clicked on the link there), it says "WordPress not detected"