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WordPress Page Builders: love 'em or hate 'em?

codeable.io | May. 31, 2016 | 11 min read

WordPress page builders, also known as drag & drop theme builders, are a hot topic within the WordPress community. But what are they? Are they any good? We answered that burning question!

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Vladimir Prelovac

I read one of the headers as "They simplify ruining a website".

Matteo Duò

ah ah ah :D

Nemanja Aleksic

I don't think WordPress would get to its current market share without the page builders, so there's that.

Warren Croce

I use Divi. I absolutely love it. I'm a designer and I suck at code. Before Divi I was simply implementing themes. Now I'm back to designing. Hugely appreciative of this great tool.

Eric Karkovack

They have their place, I'd just rather not use one. Once you decide to use a page builder, you're pretty much making a long-term commitment.

Anthony Pham

I think you should try King Composer. It is free plugin without ajax.
Very fast to create and save content. Event you can save preset for elements.

Max Foundry

There's a reason why Visual Composer, Divi and Site Origin's Page Builder are so popular. They don't require programming. Nemanja is right about them helping market share by expanding the market.

Otherwise these more of these folks would end up up on Squarespace or Wix