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How to Create a WordPress Notification Bar Without a Plugin

woorkup.com | Jun. 6, 2016 | 4 min read

Follow this quick and easy tutorial on how to create a super fast loading WordPress notification bar without a plugin and no 3rd party assets.

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Manuel Vicedo

Hate to be the devil's advocate, but... Defending 'without a plugin' as an advantage, and then suggesting a plugin to add CSS and JS has a lot of irony to it.

Brian Jackson

Hey CPO :) Author here. I definitely agree, but if I end up making a plugin, it wouldn't harm performance like others out there. A notification bar shouldn't add 100ms-200ms to load times. Also my WP Coupons plugin I recommended has no JS in it, and frontend load is 2KB.

Manuel Vicedo

That's true. I haven't tried Hello Bar or the others, but if they are boated speed does become an issue.

Still, I'd prefer creating a mini-plugin 100% of the time due to being able to switch themes easily. I have had to explain many times the lock-in effect to customers-- it's quite striking how novice some WordPress users are.