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WordPress Plugin Repo: BETA

wordpress.org | Jun. 24, 2016 | 1 min read

This is a beta of the new WordPress plugin repo. It's been encouraged we take it for a spin. :-)

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JS Morisset

Really interesting, except that when I search for my own plugin (WPSSO), it displays some extensions for WPSSO, but not WPSSO itself. ;-)


Also, another un-related plugin called MashShare shows up, which only mentions WPSSO once in its readme (in a benchmark section). I'm not sure that plugin should be ranked higher than other plugins which include the word WPSSO in their slugs or plugin descriptions...

I like the general look -- I guess the first paragraph of the readme will be even more important now, and folks will have to redesign their banners. :-)


Phpbits Studio

I hope they'll implement something like : managewp.org/plugins/best for plugin rankings ;)

Max Foundry

Let's face it. It's less than optimal. It's a beta.

The idea that the description field needs to be clicked when it's the most important source of information is not wise.

There's no help for devs since now all you get is your installed stat.

The last two reviews are shown. But if you have plugins you always have a mix of good and bad but if you get a bad one it stays there for a bit until another good one comes in.

That's the start.