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2 Vulnerabilities in Squirrly SEO plugin 6.1.4 and older

wordfence.com | Jul. 11, 2016 | 3 min read

Details about the security vulnerabilities found in the Squirrly SEO Plugin. The path traversal and privilege escalation vulnerabilities impact versions 6.1.4 and older.

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Manuel Vicedo


They have just openly disclosed the fact that a plugin with a 20k user base has two critical vulnerabilities, and has only released a fix today? This is just plain irresponsible.

Do they even know how many days (or weeks) it's going to take for the majority of the userbase to upgrade to the fixed version? I'm betting they do, because half the post is an announcement for their own plugin.

I don't mind promotion, but doing so while putting user's websites in danger is an irresponsible move, especially by a security-based plugin.

They should have talked with the Squirrly team, then wait until they have silently rolled out the update. Then, and only then, they should be able to write about how the plugin is vulnerable and how theirs can defend their site.

Lisa John

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