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ManageWP Orion is Live!

managewp.com | Jul. 13, 2016 | 9 min read

I am extremely proud to announce that we have launched ManageWP Orion. New product, new features, new goal - equal opportunity for WordPress professionals world-wide. I hope you join us on this incredibly journey!

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Ahmad Awais

Congratulations, ManageWP team and Vladimir. I think Orion is an incredible update to ManageWP dashboard. I have hunted (shared) it with the ProductHunt community. Make sure, you guys add a customized ProductHunt welcome banner with some extra incentive like a discount for ProductHunt visitors (URLs with ref=producthunt) it helps with the conversion.

Here's the link: www.producthunt.com/tech/managewp-orion

Keep up the good work!

Vladimir Prelovac

Thanks Ahmad, appreciate the move!


Excellent. I've been using Orion for a while now (since you opened the beta actually) and it's really neat. It is full of good things, but I personally think that the best thing you did is the pricing.

Your new model is excellent and I'd like to thank you for taking this approach. You'd probably make more money keeping a more standard pricing model (like your old one) but I feel like you really put the customers first with this new model. It is insanely good to have this level of control over costs.

Thanks for the good work, and thanks for being so affordable. I'm sure you'll gain new paying customers with this approach.

Borek Bernard

Amazing job, congrats!

Luca Fracassi

Congrats indeed!

Eric Karkovack

Great work! I can't even tell you how much time ManageWP saves me.

Chris Burgess

I've taken Orion for a spin and it feels great to use.

I second the comments above, well done Vladimir and the ManageWP team :)