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WordPress Widgets Explained for New Users - Looking for feedback!

contentacademy.com | Jul. 21, 2016 | 11 min read

I find it sometimes difficult to explain widgets to new users of WordPress. In this article, I did my best to put everything on the table to explain how these "things" help you do stuff to your blog. Looking for feedback please! Please comment or share if you think it's great.

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Jeffrey Carandang

Widgets was one of the best features from WordPress though sites nowadays doesn't have sidebars and this just become extra feature. Still, through customizer; widgets are now more powerful.

One more thing, the article doesn't include Visibility control plugins you might wanna check this plugin of mine : wordpress.org/plugins/widget-options/ . Thanks!


Scott Winterroth

Thanks Jeffrey! I do mention visibility with JetPack but yes, I could elaborate more on that. Thanks for the feedback! Appreciated!