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WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Template Goes Public

Aug. 24, 2016

Hello, my WordPress friends

Recent days, I'm quite busy to do the day job that I forgot I have a child to take care. It's WooCommerce Checkout Fields & Templates. This plugin was sold on Codecanyon for a while with almost 500 sales. Well, that brought me some money, at least.

But I do not good enough in coding as well as do not have much time to continue developing it alone, so I'm asking you guys for help, this will be a very big plugin where all WooCommerce's user can edit their checkout page with pre-built styles or built their own.

I decided to take it down on Codecanyon and make it goes public so all WooCommerce's user can benefit from it. All I want is contribute something to WordPress community.

So here's its Github: github.com/ossvn/woocommerce-checkout-fields-templates

The plugin still running fine on 80% of the site, the other must be fixed and I think the issue can be raised so we will go to involve and fix it. After it's good enough we will submit to WordPress.org repo.

My email: trantientoai@gmail.com

Please fork it on Github and do something better for WooCommerce users!

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Toai Tran

Any thought on this, please?

Ahmad Awais

Too busy with my day to day routine, otherwise this would've been an excellent opportunity to help. But I want you to know, I truly appreciate your gesture and hope that you find a worthy partner.