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Improving the User Experience by Rearranging the WordPress Post Editor

wptavern.com | Sep. 2, 2016 | 5 min read

Nice coverage of a ticket getting some focus in 4.7. It would be great to continue getting feedback on it.

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Eric Karkovack

I hope they don't remove the alignment buttons - they are useful. But generally I use the TinyMCE Advanced plugin to customize the toolbar anyway.

Mark Root-Wiley

In your experience:
• Which alignment buttons do you use (left, center, right, justify)?
• Do you use them for text, images, or both?
• Did you know you can "toggle" alignments to undo them rather than explicitly aligning something left?

Eric Karkovack

Generally I'll use the center align button for text only. My main concern is for clients who get used to something and then have to learn a new way to do things. Non-technical users don't always take too well to these type of changes.