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Thoughts on my new shortcode management approach?

vimeo.com | Sep. 11, 2016 | 1 min read

Hi Everyone, I've just submitted my newest free plugin on .org repository with experimental shortcode management approach via media frame. Any suggestions are pretty much appreciated. Thank you very much! Cheers, Jeffrey

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Jeffrey Carandang

Thanks! Haven't thought of that but it seems to be a great idea. Will change the label when the plugin was approved :) Thanks you very much!


Matt Cromwell

Is this using the Shortcake UI? We've considered it a lot for our plugins but it seems not very intuitive to ask users to click on "Add Media" in order to get to our shortcodes. Instead, we opt most often to add a button above the editor, or inside the editor directly.

Other than that, the options look nice and intuitive. I might also suggest having an image placeholder for your shortcode rather than just outputting all the shortcode attributes and whatnot. This is a good tutorial on doing that:

Jeffrey Carandang

The plugin is not using Shortcake UI, it's using same approach for image without the placeholder. I've actually thought of adding the placeholder but it's more convenient for users who will be used to the plugin to edit the parameters directly if they want too and/or use the edit frame. Let's see how the plugin grows and if majority of the users want it, I'll be very happy to add it. Thanks!