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My Formula for Scaling Our Support

wordimpress.com | Sep. 26, 2016 | 12 min read

Scaling Support is crucial to any plugin/theme shop. I argue the only way to know how to scale is with data and understanding your Capacity.

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Phill Coxon

Great post - thanks Matt!

Tom Zsomborgi

Great post Matt! Are you satisfied with Helpscout? At Kinsta, we are using Intercom, pretty good and works great, but we're always open to explore new solutions.

Matt Cromwell

Tom, I'd love to chat with you about Intercom. I've been eyeballing it for a YEAR. HelpScout give great data that's very actionable. The thing that makes he hesitant about Itnercom -- from what I understand -- is that it's all one long conversation with each customer, there's no topics and no way to "close" an issue. Would love to pick your brain on Intercom if you have time this week.