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The Complete Guide for Building a Lightning Fast & Scalable Knowledge Base

freemius.com | Oct. 26, 2016 | 34 min read

This is an elaborated, step-by-step guide of how the Freemius team built its KB solution and why.

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Matt Cromwell

That's a friggin' awesome resource. Thanks for taking the time to put this together ON TOP of creating your Knowledge Base.

I'm interested in this line:
"The main benefits of going static with an engine like Jekyll are speed, scalability, and security.
Can we get those with WordPress? The answer is – almost."

We've looked into static generators for Give, just because it saves a ton of time. But yours has such great presentation. I need to read your whole write up in more detail, but what's the nugget version? Why choose WordPress instead of a static DocBlock generator like APIGEN?

Vova Feldman

Thanks Matt! There's a section that discusses it - "Why We Choose WordPress Over Static Site Generators for Our Knowledge Base" freemius.com/blog/build-knowledge-base-documentation/