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ACF Theme Code - Speed up your ACF based Theme development.

hookturn.io | Nov. 16, 2016 | 2 min read

If you use ACF actively for your WP Theme dev then you will find this plugin very useful. It speeds up the development process with handy code snippets.

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Mohammad Javed

Pretty awesome this, at times i have the tab opened in my browser to have a look at the documentation, this will save me time - Whats the difference between the free & pro version?

Aaron Rutley

Thanks Mohammad !

Aaron here - I'm one of the developers of ACF Theme Code.

Our free version supports the fields found in the free version of ACF.

Our pro version supports the fields found in ACF Pro (gallery, flex, repeater, etc) as well as a bunch of third-party fields. For more info see: hookturn.io/downloads/acf-theme-code-pro/

I hope that helps!