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How to find great articles to post on ManageWP.org?

Dec. 9, 2016

First idea I am going to share is to use nuzzel.com

It will aggregate the best links from all the stories your twitter friends tweet. If your twitter friends are in the WordPress community, chance is this will surface some good stories.

You can also check out other people's nuzzel feeds, like for example Brian of poststatus.com:


The second idea is wpmail.me newsletter which is a pretty old newsletter which is still pretty good:


I also sometimes use twitter search for #WordPress and that usually finds less known sources.

If you have your own "secret" sources, share them here :)

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Matt Cromwell

I really like Pocket and there's quite a few WPers on there as well.


Neil Murray

+1 for Pocket - managewp.org & getpocket.com give me 80% of the tech news I read each week.

Ahmad Awais

I just have a large number of friends, pretty active at Facebook, several Slack channels Groups and sometimes Feedly!

Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with 'sketch')

I subscribe to both Nuzzel and WPmail.me, as well as the WP Elevation WordPress Wednesday newsletter, Webdesigner News, and The Daily Bolt. Sometimes I find articles in one place that aren't in another (or that no one has posted here yet), but not that often. This is usually where I go first to see what's happening in the WP world.

M Asif Rahman Ⓦ

I curate my list, and track them in Feedly, and more stuff in Flipboard. It seems that enough. And Twitter is always there, just little too crowded.

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