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Did I waste a year of my life developing a WordPress theme? • /r/startups

reddit.com | Jan. 9, 2017 | 17 min read

A really long article from someone trying to get some passive income with a ThemeForest theme and getting a whoooooooole bunch of feedback.

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Donna Cavalier

Yes. Yes, he did.

Ben Gillbanks

this ^

Alex Denning

Same thread was posted on /r/wordpress and /r/digitalnomad. All the posts got a fair number of upvotes, so credit for getting some attention to the theme. This comment summed it up:

"At this point it's clear the answer is yes, based on your defensiveness and unwillingness to consider the feedback you've received. The only way to learn from this and move forward is to actually internalize what people are saying instead of continuing to argue against it. Otherwise you'll just continue to waste another year working on things that nobody wants."