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Postmatic is now Replyable! WP SaaS! Two-way email commenting for WordPress

replyable.com | Jan. 16, 2017 | 2 min read

Jason has rebranded Postmatic to Replyable a much better word and is back with a snack — I meant a WP SaaS-based Commenting service. Cool beans! Try it out.

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Kobe Ben Itamar

Not quite sure it's a re-branding of the same product, but rather "a new member to the family".


It's a little bit of both, Kobe. It's basically a rebranding of what used to be our free version of the plugin.... with some Saas slapped on the top to then monetize it. Ah. It's hard to explain! You're both right!

Ahmad Awais

HAHA! :)