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What to say when a potential client thinks you’re too expensive

erineflynn.com | Feb. 21, 2017 | 5 min read

Ready made templates to use with your client. Remember, your time should be worth much more than a cup of coffee.

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Brian Jackson

Great article! I think most of us have learned this the hard way throughout our careers. Nothing is worth more than our time. Definitely some clever and polite ways to respond.

Condolcen Message

most of the time this question arise whenever i quote the amount for a project. This is a great article


I think the most challenging part on being a freelancer is how to position yourself as a one. Either you're a labourer or a leader in your field. People in the second category sure have the luxury to qualify clients but when you are just starting out you can't really say NO to projects because rent needs to be paid and food needs to be eaten, up until you get to a point where you do have a choice.