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Truth matters. We’re getting behind journalists.

gopostmatic.com | Feb. 25, 2017 | 6 min read

Jason Lemeiux and Postmatic are offering free consultation, training, and services to journalists of all stripes. It's a bold move in this political climate to stake a position with your business. I think it's pretty impressive what they are doing.

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Matt Cromwell

Some people feel strongly about journalism, and consider it a political issue. I believe supporting a free press is the essence of what "Democratizing Publishing" actually means. If this initiative was only providing free services to certain left or right leaning publications that would certainly be very "political". Instead, this is a great way to promote Publishing. Power to the Press, of all pursuations.


Thanks for submitting this, Matt. There's no better way to democratize publishing than by democratizing the democratization of publishing!

WP Buffs

We're 100% behind you, Matt! Great read :)