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WordPress VS Wix - The Final Battle

thenextweb.com | Mar. 14, 2017 | 10 min read

About the rise of WordPress compared with that of the most popular visual website creation platform - Wix. The competition between the two, and what's coming in the next few years.

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Ben Pines

Thanks for the feedback, but some of it is a bit off in my view:

* Perl, Python, and ASP were used in the 90s as early programming languages for complex websites.

This doesn't conflict with anything I had written

* Adding features to a site builder like WIx does not make it a CMS

Basically, if you can do anything in Wix that you can in a CMS, it kinda does. Check out this feature request for a database connection: support.wix.com/en/article/request-connecting-your-site-to-a-database

* The WordPress Foundation does not direct WordPress development, they simply hold the rights to the code and trademark and provides grants to projects including Hack the Hood, Internet Archive, and Black Girls Code, while WordCamp funding has rolled out as a separate initiative. The WordPress Community at WordPress.org directs development of the project

I stand corrected. I will correct it to the WordPress community

* WordPress.com popularized the freemium model for a free websites on subdomains, not Wix

That is true that WordPress.com was launched on November 21, 2005, prior to Wix, but again, that doesn't contradict anything I wrote.

* Automattic is not "making efforts to become an all inclusive solution," it already provides WordPress.com and VIP hosting

It doesn't start and end with VIP hosting.

* WordPress.com for Google Docs is designed for collaborative editing, it has nothing to do "making it much easier to create WordPress posts and pages," as that's just a single click on the WordPress admin bar

This is just wrong. From the app description: "Instead of copying and pasting from Google Docs to WordPress and losing your images and formatting in the process, this add-on makes it easy to compose in Google Docs and publish to WordPress with formatting intact and images being uploaded properly."

* It would be better for writers like Pine to stick to their page-builder product, rather than promote ignorance about the WordPress project and community.

It's PineSSS. It would be a bit less harsh and judgemental and quick to trash someones work.
Thanks again for the feedback

Kobe Ben Itamar

I don't mean to educate, because I don't even know you personally... but.. your comment bugs me because I think your tone is not reasonable.

Even if you believe you were able to spot a few inaccuracies in an article you read - I don't think that's a good enough reason to personally go after the writer ("It would be better for writers like Pine to stick to their page-builder product, rather than promote ignorance about the WordPress project and community. ").

That just does not encourage a healthy discussion about the topic.

I hope, for you, that you do not get so easily provoked by every article you read on the world wide web.

Sallie Goetsch

My main objection to the post is that we're a long way from the final anything. No article about anything in the web space can be "ultimate" or "definitive" or "final," because by the time a year has passed, if not sooner, something major will change.

I do think that the two platforms have stimulated each other to add features, and that the average end-user has only the faintest idea what a CMS is and neither understands nor cares how the technology allowing them to create a website or blog works. (This can be much to their detriment if they find themselves using a tool they can't easily export their data from, but they don't know that.)

It's good for WordPress, or any other platform, to have competition. That drives us to be better. If WP becomes 50% or 75% of the web, it will be in huge danger of stagnation. But as long as WordPress maintains its values, its identity, and its community, a proprietary platform like Wix is not a threat.

Skarjune Word&Image

I apologize for my tone, and I see my comments were removed, so fine. Still, this article has a lot of misinformation about WordPress that could have been easily checked. We live in an age of #FakeNews & #AlternativeFacts, so let's expect writers to perform basic research on their topic.

Mustaasam Saleem

Indeed, Wix is nice. But, due to the robust community and contributors of WordPress, it was and will lead the market.