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12 Free Alternative WordPress plugins for P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

asphaltthemes.com | Apr. 20, 2017 | 12 min read

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) became everybody's favorite plugin for a while. All most everyone in WordPress recommended it, in fact people ( general novice users) relied so much on it, it became the go to plugin for finding out heavy resource hungry plugins. For years users as well as developers suggested it to people. But P3 Performance profiler has recently become buggy since it hasn't been updated for more than 2 years. In fact, many users are leaving 1 Star negative review on the wordpress.org review page. Here's a little compilation of last one month's negative reviews

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Scott Wyden Kivowitz

I found that there isn't really a good alternative and not even a good start. At least for non-developers. It would be nice if there was a plugin out there that did quality scans and said flat out what was causing performance issues. That would take such a burden off of support teams having to dig deep. Someone should make a good plugin for it :-)

Asphalt Themes

Absolutely, I second that :)